Meghan McCain Turns on Biden, Calls Him ‘Unfit to Lead,’ ‘Jimmy Carter on Acid’


    On Thursday, Meghan McCain had harsh words for Joe Biden.

    The former cohost of The View took to Twitter to malign the President over his mismanagement of Afghanistan.

    As you surely know, he called for an abrupt withdrawal, leaving a horrifying mess.

    Concerning taking questions, the Commander-in-Chief wasn’t immediately interested:

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    “No press briefings from the Biden White House,” McCain marveled, “from the President or his staff. They’re all on vacation.”

    The daughter of Senator John retweeted a video, purportedly of the Kabul airport. The clip captured riddling gunfire amid women and children taking cover.

    “[A]nyone in the press want to to jump in on criticism of him in hiding?” she asked.

    More was on offer via Instagram.

    The disaster’s made Meghan sick:

    “I have been physically ill, more depressed than I have been since the beginning stages of the pandemic and filled nothing short of pure rage and anger since the calamity of a ‘pull out’ which will be seen as one of the greatest foreign policy catastrophes of my lifetime.”

    She’s not likely wrong. And if she is, some very, very bad things await.

    Those left to fend for themselves are part of what Donald Trump Jr. decried as the “largest hostage situation in history.”

    Earlier this week, he accused Joe of listening to “generals that have been too busy worrying about Critical Race Theory and…white rage” rather than “guys that are the door kickers.”

    For related reasons, Meghan’s monumentally mad:

    “I am furious our president was so incompetent not to see what every expert on the planet could have seen coming. I am furious for my friends and family who have been fighting in these wars since I was 16 (many who have lost limbs, had their life terrorized by PTSD from their experiences in war and deployments, or worse).”

    She’s also angered by broken trust:

    “I am furious seeing our allies and innocent Afghan citizens who trusted us are being left to be slaughtered or so desperate to escape the pure evil the Taliban will bring in that they are falling out of [expletive] planes. This is not who America is, this is not the values this country was founded in.”

    “Our veterans deserve better,” she wrote, “the innocent Afghan people and our allies and translators who have stood by us for the past 20 years deserve better.”

    Meghan’s blasting comes as a bit of a surprise: Famously anti-Trump, in November, she tweeted “relief” following Joe’s electoral victory. Some might say it’s ironic:

    That alleviation, it appears, has been replaced:

    “The shame, dishonor and embarrassment the Biden administration has brought to our country will take generations to undo. Not to mention our standing in the world and the cruel reality that the likelihood of another significant domestic terror attack has now risen to the highest levels since 9/11 and will usher in ISIS 3.0.”

    [P]lease reach out to your veteran friends,” McCain encouraged, “and their families – everyone I know is struggling. May God have mercy for what we have done to these people abandoning them.”

    She almost surely regrets her previous support:

    “Biden is unfit to lead, and I am nothing short of disgusted he and his staff can’t seem to be bothered to leave their vacation during an international crisis of our own creation. … My heart is broken, this tragedy will absolutely haunt our country.”

    Meghan’s ended up on the same side as Trump.

    On Tuesday, POTUS 45 referenced Jimmy Carter’s Iran hostage crisis, which lasted 444 days — ending mere hours before Ronald Reagan gave his inaugural address:

    “I don’t think in all of the years our country has ever been so humiliated. I don’t know what you call the military defeat or a psychological defeat. There has never been anything like what’s happened here. You can go back to Jimmy Carter with the hostages.”

    On Twitter, Meghan called to Carter as well, with a twist:

    “[Joe Biden] is like Jimmy Carter on acid, and he and his team will be remembered in history worse than him.”

    Might she wish she’d voted for The Donald? She isn’t likely to say so.

    Still, while she’s criticized Biden before, her reaction to the current crisis seems to indicate, if not a newfound appreciation for Trump, an unprecedented loathing of Biden.


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