Fort Jackson Will Require COVID Shots…and Not for the Enlisted


    Apparently, no one can decide what’s right for themselves anymore. As Americans, we have to listen to the government. The whole “my body, my choice” argument is no longer what they want to chant. Instead, they want conformity.

    And conformity has reached new levels over at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Families will be looking to visit the base as basic combat trainees graduate. Family days and graduation ceremonies are coming up.

    Not so fast. The Army has decided that they want to see proof of COVID vaccinations from everyone. If you thought they could only control the enlisted, think again. Anyone who wants to enter the base to participate in family day and a graduation ceremony will have to show proof of the vaccination.

    A spokesperson for Fort Jackson has identified that those under the age of 16 are exempt from the vaccination. However, there are no religious or medical exemptions to the policy.

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    This is getting out of control.

    In many instances, there are requirements to show vaccine status, even when the government says vaccine passports are not going to be required. They might as well be if we’re being told we can’t participate in various activities without showing proof of being vaccinated.

    In most instances, however, we’re also able to show proof of a negative COVID test. It’s the asterisk that many need in order to participate. That’s not the case with the Army. They don’t care that you’re negative. They care that you’ve been vaccinated.

    This is setting a very dangerous precedent.

    We have to remember that those with the vaccine can still be carriers of the virus. There can also be breakthrough cases. It means that just by showing that you’ve been vaccinated isn’t a sure way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

    The Army doesn’t care. Comply or don’t come to the base.

    Fort Jackson’s commanding general, Brig. Gen. Patrick Michaelis shared a video message on Facebook to say that he knows that people don’t want to hear this. He went on to explain that “the health and protection of our soldiers is critical to our Army’s mission.” It’s safe to say that we can all agree that this is a lie since proof of vaccination doesn’t necessarily offer the protection that the government promised that it would.

    Mask-wearing and social distancing are mandatory at the graduation events, too. That means that the Army has decided to throw all science completely out the window. And why? Well, apparently the Delta variant is affecting those who are vaccinated and even diving right under people’s masks. Well, it’s not…but tell that to the Army.

    Now, the Army can’t mandate the vaccines for the troops yet. It’s not FDA-approved. However, they can mandate that you get vaccinated if you want to visit your child who is graduating. It makes sense…right?

    While there may be new cases of COVID because of the delta variant, it’s hardly an issue. Particularly in Richland County where Fort Jackson is, the death rate should be the driving factor. The 7-day average for COVID deaths is one. But sure, let’s inconvenience everyone because there’s a pandemic that’s killing a whopping one person a week.

    If Fort Jackson is requiring the COVID shot, it’s only a matter of time before more and more venues follow suit. And if you’re expecting to show a negative test or get an exemption, don’t hold your breath. Remember, we’re living in Biden’s America. It’s about control, not science.

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