Critical Race Theory is Blowing Dangerous Steam…It Worked Well For Communist China


    For what it’s worth, which isn’t much, the critical race theory (CRT) is a loosely constructed belief that distinct races are not a naturally occurring event. Races have been socially constructed by mankind for the sole purpose of oppressing and exploiting people of color. We did this to ourselves by using skin color to rank our human superiority, beginning with white and working its way down the ladder accordingly. Had we not gone to all of this trouble centuries ago we would not be aware of our differences today.

    Make sense? Of course, it doesn’t. The Heritage Action for America felt the need to address this growing belief so they hosted an event in Georgetown, Delaware. To a live audience of only 500, but with thousands more live streaming the event, a panel of six speakers detailed the dangers of the theory along with the hows and whys concerning mainstream America latching onto such a ridiculous notion.

    One of the guest speakers aimed his remarks straight at Communist China. He compared CRT to China’s cultural revolution which took place between 1966 and 1976 when Mao Zedong ruled supreme. Mao reduced China’s capitalists to the level of rabid dogs to preserve Communism. They soon became despised by the general population via human-created hate, or so the story goes.

    CRT believers adhere to the idea that America is lying when it claims to have spent the last two centuries working on racial equality. Our founders were not referencing people of color when they said all men are created equal in the eyes of God. Its adherents believe in systematic racism and that people of color are still being oppressed in every institution across this land. Everyone is either an oppressor, or they’re being oppressed, depending on the tone of their skin.

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    Keynote speaker Xi Van Fleet said, “We have been seeing that America is going the wrong direction,” with reference to China’s cultural revolution. Van Fleet was a first-grader in China when Mao’s reign began. Upon completing her mandatory education requirements the Communists, as they did with all lesser-class young adults, sent her to the countryside where she was forced to toil in the fields for three years under harsh conditions.

    “It’s the same tactic; it’s Marx’s tactic. So what they do is to create chaos. As Mao said, ‘When the worst chaos emerges, that is when the greatest control can be achieved.’ They want to create chaos so that they [can] overthrow the existing system. … Cancel culture is the same because what the people [want to] do here is to overthrow the American founding [principles], just like [in] China–to overthrow the traditional culture and our civilization.”

    There it is. CRT is a liberal ploy to create chaos. It ties in nicely with cancel culture. By shaming those of non-color, which oddly consists of a large number of people of non-color shaming themselves, they’re creating further racial chaos. They were already successful at removing history from the equation and step number two is moving along quite nicely.

    “I did not really want to go public,” Van Fleet said. “It is difficult for the Chinese; most of us would rather be quiet. But now I feel like it’s really not about me. It’s about America. I want Americans to know that what’s happening today is communism taking over.”

    She pinned the tail on the liberals by saying, “The grandfather of CRT and the CCT is the same guy, Karl Marx. And the ideology is cultural Marxism. Just like CRT, Mao’s CCT divides people into groups: [the] oppressors and the oppressed. The only difference is … class rather than race.”

    By creating false racial divides, CRT encourages racism. Its purpose is to inflame the so-called oppressed to the point of revolting against their so-called oppressors, while at the same time building an army of sympathetic soldiers who didn’t realize they were the ones doing the oppressing until it was kindly pointed out to them by the chaos-stirrers. Whew…It’s confusing. You may want to read that again.

    During China’s Cultural Revolution, riots erupted on college campuses between students with conflicting views. Professors were brutally attacked. A youth army known as the Red Guards was formed by the Communists to hunt down and persecute resistors which resulted in violence, looting, and further rioting.

    Referring to the highly organized riots hosted by Black Lives Matter last year, Van Fleet said, “That’s exactly what we saw on American streets last year.”

    She compared the likenesses of the Red Guards to the battalions of violent liberal rock-throwing protestors who were coerced into destroying America’s cities. They only thought they were fighting for the right side when in truth, they were brainwashed pawns. And they still are except there are more of them now.

    How can anyone in their proper mindset believe such hogwash? We’re perplexed so we’re going to rely on you to explain it. If you can.

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