Watch: Trump Rips Apart Being ‘Woke,’ Pushes Getting Kids Back in Schools


    President Donald Trump did a phone-in interview with host Dan Bongino on his Fox News show “Unfiltered” tonight.

    They covered a lot of ground including the mandates, the vaccine, getting schools open, and being woke at the Olympics.

    Bongino and his guest noted how it was good news that the man Trump backed in the GOP special election congressional primary in Ohio won, a positive signal for the Trump movement in 2022.

    They spoke about the China virus, as Trump calls it. Trump noted that had he been in power when they had these increases in virus cases that they’ve had under Biden, the mainstream media and the Dems would be up in arms. Of course, because it’s Biden, now there’s no criticism as to how it’s being dealt with.

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    While Trump recommended getting vaccinated and noted he’d been behind the creation of the vaccine, Trump also said he was a “big fan of freedom” and thought mandates were “crazy.”

    “I think this — I have to be a big vaccine fan, because I’m the one that got it done so quickly. Got it done in less than nine months; it was supposed to take five years. They would have never even gotten it done. So, I’m a big fan.”

    He noted that had he not successfully got the vaccine to us and the world, there could be “100 million dead” ultimately from the virus, more like what happened during the Spanish Flu in 1918. The worldwide numbers for the Wuhan coronavirus are around 4.3 million deaths. So while Democrats are constantly attacking Trump, the truth is that his work for the vaccine did likely save millions.

    Trump said he thought what had been done in the schools with regard to mask mandates was crazy and that it was going to leave a “scar” on the children. He stressed the importance of in-person learning: “The children have to go back to school.”

    Bongino noted how the ratings had plummeted for the Olympics because of athletes wanting to embarrass the country and take a knee. Trump agreed, saying the ratings had plummeted for the NFL and other sports that took that approach.

    Trump spoke about how the U.S. women’s soccer team should have won the gold medal, but they didn’t perform as well as they should have. “If you’re ‘woke,’ you’re going to lose,” he said. he must have been reading our “go woke and go broke” stories.

    He mentioned that that he was proud that some stood. One person did stand in the face of the kneeling, as we reported, Carli Lloyd, when the others knelt. He said Americans had had “enough of it,” that people wanted to watch sports without all the woke stuff; they don’t want politics in the middle of their sports.

    Trump talked about the Biden team “just going off what I rebuilt because they’re killing the economy. We’re going to have inflation that’s going to eat us alive.”

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