Biden Loses His Mind Again, Makes Up How Many Americans There Are


    It’s getting worse.

    We now can’t go through a day without Joe Biden going into dementia mode, sometimes more than once in one day. The incidents are starting to pile up on top of each other.

    Yesterday he was creepy, pulling a little girl to him and then sticking his nose in her hair. He then babbled on incoherently comparing the police who dealt with the Capitol riot to brawlers he knew as a youngster.

    Biden and the Democrats have continued to demonize the unvaccinated. Not exactly a good message if you want to encourage people to get vaccinated. But here he is confusing himself when he talks about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” He seems to be squinting at the teleprompter at :11 and not getting what it is saying, so he ends up saying the “vaxation of the unvaccinated.”

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    That was even having notecards. Both notecards and a teleprompter couldn’t save him. He clearly still has some “vexation/vaxation” with the teleprompter.

    But then it got worse. He declared that 350 million Americans were vaccinated, more than a hundred percent of the population.

    There are about 328 million people in the United States. So there are more vaccinated than exist.

    Biden was straight out reading a note card, yet still he couldn’t get it right.

    Then he said it again.

    Yet, he still doesn’t realize it doesn’t make sense. How does he not know that, given his position? Indeed, he says, “They’re doing fine.” Every single one of them. Plus the extra ones who don’t exist. So then we’ve reached herd immunity and there should be no restrictions anymore, right? But then what about that pandemic of the unvaccinated he was talking about? Isn’t everyone vaccinated? I’m so confused!

    Then once again, Biden just walks off and violates his own mask mandate again. They aren’t even attempting to be serious about all this, you’re just supposed to obey no matter how much they blow off their own rules.

    He’s so much worse, even from just a few months ago.

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