Biden in Deep Trouble as Optimism About Country’s Direction Takes a Dive


    We reported yesterday on how Joe Biden’s approval is dropping and the honeymoon appears over.

    He’s at his lowest numbers now at just 50% approval and 45% disapproval. Of course, he started out with big media support so that drop is more noticeable.

    But now, there are more numbers to support that concern and they have to be worrying Democrats.

    After six months of Biden, sounds like people have started to figure out that it isn’t what was pitched to them and they’re not happy.

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    Their optimism about the direction of the country has plummeted almost 20 points since May, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll. That’s a huge drop. Notice ABC even uses a picture of Biden when reporting this.

    A majority — 55% — of the public say they are pessimistic about the direction of the country, a marked change from the roughly one-third (36%) that said the same in an ABC News/Ipsos poll published May 2. In the early May survey, Americans were more optimistic than pessimistic by a 28-percentage point margin. Optimism is now under water by 10 points. Looking ahead to the next 12 months, fewer than half — 45% — now report feeling optimistic about the way things are going, a significant drop from about two-thirds (64%) in the May poll.

    The decline in optimism has occurred across the board among Democrats, Republicans and independents. Optimism is down about 20 points among Democrats and Republicans and down 26 points among independents.

    Part of that is worry about how Biden is dealing with the pandemic and concern about possible new lockdowns. Their feeling about how Biden is dealing with the economy has also dropped seven points since March, with another rise in jobless claims.

    Although he’s still above water on the pandemic and the economy, he’s underwater on every other issue, even with Democrats, according to ABC. One of the issues which is really resonating is the border, where fewer than 4 in 10 Americans approve of Biden’s immigration approach. Disapproval of his handling of gun violence has gone up to 61%.

    There’s a lot of writing on the wall here, and that has to have Democrats freaking out for 2022. That’s why we’re seeing the push to have the Jan. 6 Select Committee and Democrats resurrecting anger against Kavanaugh. Democrats are hoping to charge up the base and possibly influence independents. But that’s a pretty slim reed when the basic bread and butter issues are looking bad and staring Americans in the face. Americans are not dumb — they know where to place the fault for defunding the police and the rise in crime. If they go back to mandatory masks and lockdowns, that’s really going to sink Biden even further.

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