Biden Tries to Erase Trump Era With First 30 Executive Orders


    Joe Biden is making a lot of moves for a white-haired septuagenarian.

    For someone of his advanced years, you’d think he’d at least bother to stretch first.

    In President Joe Biden’s first three days in office, Biden has already issued 30 executive orders.

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    Biden’s actions mark the return of Obama-era “pen and phone” government where the Chief Executive of the U.S., the president, circumvents Congress and the legislative process to decree new laws and prohibitions more reminiscent of a Julius Caesar or parliamentary democracy, such as in the United Kingdom, than our constitutional democratic republic.

    Congress – which the Founders set up as the most powerful branch with the power to make laws, levy taxes, raise armies, and fund the federal government – has been increasingly emasculated and weakened over the last several decades.

    Gridlock in Congress has contributed to recent U.S. presidents going around the House and Senate to take action on issues important to their administration.

    President Obama used an executive order to shield 600,000 DACA immigrants from deportation who came to the U.S. illegally as children.

    Upon taking office, President Trump declared a U.S. travel ban on seven Middle Eastern countries that were known sponsors of terrorism. The media had a fit and called it a “Muslim ban.” So it goes.

    Biden is getting right to work in making clear his priorities for the Biden Administration, with immigration, racial justice, and the environment topping his list of priorities.

    Oh, and Biden had some executive orders on Coronavirus, too. Remember that nasty thing that torpedoed President Trump’s re-election? President Biden is treading water without a clue. The Radical Left can’t wait for President Biden to kick the bucket with abortion fanatic Vice President Kamala Harris waiting in the wings. Kamala Harris supports a

    Virtually ALL of Biden’s Day One executive orders were focused on one thing: illegal immigration. The Biden Administration’s priorities could not be more clear: Joe Biden puts illegal immigrants and terrorists first and working for American families last.

    As one of President Biden’s Day One executive orders Biden ordered a stop to border wall construction by terminating President Trump’s national emergency declaration used to fund it.

    Here are some of BIDEN’S DAY ONE EXECUTIVE ORDERS dealing with immigration:

    • Canceled President Trump’s expansion of immigration enforcement within the U.S.
    • Canceled President Trump’s travel ban on seven Middle Eastern countries known to be state sponsors of terror or breeding grounds for terrorist groups.
    • Canceled the removal process for DACA immigrants.
    • Demanded the inclusion of non-U.S. citizens in the Census and the apportionment of congressional representatives, threatening the integrity of the U.S. elections and constitutional government.


    Every one of the above Biden pro-illegal immigrant executive orders happened on his first day in office.

    Unity? Build Back Better? Malarkey!

    The other executive orders on Biden’s first day include rejoining the Paris climate accord (killing American jobs) and canceling the Keystone XL pipeline (killing American jobs).

    In sum, Joe Biden’s priorities are killing American jobs and importing illegal immigrants, attacking working families who don’t depend on the state and vote for Republicans, while boosting uneducated immigrants, illegals, and welfare queens who vote Democratic.

    Other beauties on Day One that Biden issued include a “100 Days Masking Challenge” and re-joining the China-controlled World Health Organization, which helped to cover up the Wuhan virus that would go on to infect and decimate the world.

    Nice work, Joe. That’s enough for one day. Time for a nap.

    On Day Two, someone apparently reminded Old Joe Biden that the U.S. economy and working families are in dire straits because of pandemic lockdowns and that he should probably do something for Americans now, instead of catering to non-U.S. citizens overseas and illegal immigrants to the U.S.

    Unfortunately, Joe Biden knows that he really can’t do anything more than what President Trump was already doing. Biden was reduced to issuing a number of empty and worthless executive orders about the Coronavirus, declaring “100 days of mask-wearing,” telling OSHA to get even more anal and invasive about PPE and COVID precautions on worksites, and directing the Department of Education to provide guidelines for safely re-opening schools.

    It is clear that Joe Biden is a tool of the Left. Biden does not care about everyday working day Americans. It’s all a lie. Amtrak Joe is a fraud.

    The American people are suffering and Biden spends his first critical day in office pushing for more illegal immigration, inviting terrorism from overseas, and re-joining a Paris climate deal.

    One executive order on Day Two calls for “assistance to those who are struggling to buy food, missed out on stimulus checks, or are unemployed.” This may sound great and noble and compassionate, but it is LITERALLY JUST WORDS and does nothing to help people.

    Say what you want, President Trump delivered results. President Trump delivered on substance but horrified and disgusted many by his style and behavior.

    In the 2020 election, about eight of ten swing voters voted for Biden not because they like his policies and not because they even liked Biden himself, but because they were too exhausted and fed up with Trump’s style of “governing.”

    At least all of those Biden voters can now feel good about President Biden’s warm and fuzzy proclamations while the pandemic tears on and they continue to lose their jobs, their homes and starve to death as a flood of terrorists and illegal immigrants get ready to invade the U.S. from overseas.

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