Biden Nominates an Ecoterrorist for the Bureau of Land Management…Yikes!


    Does Biden just close his eyes and pick random people for high-profile positions? It would seem that way, especially as many of his nominations continue to get hung up on various issues instead of being confirmed right away.

    Either he’s not bothering to do any research on his nominations or he genuinely doesn’t care what happens to the U.S.

    Biden’s newest nomination is quite the cause for concern.

    The person Biden has chosen to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is none other than Tracy Stone-Manning.

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    Stone-Manning is one who has been a significant advocate for Earth First! An extremist group known for their violent actions.

    Isn’t this the kind of thing that we wouldn’t want the head of the BLM to be involved in? After all, with the power that Stone-Manning would get from such a position, it could lead to all sorts of ecoterrorism acts being committed right under her nose.

    Well, that was years ago. We’re supposed to forget about what she did back then.

    Stone-Manning has already testified that she helped to edit a local Earth First! Newsletter when she was a graduate student 30 years ago at the University of Montana.

    The acts of eco-terrorism that the group was famous for happened in the 1980s and 1990s.

    There’s no way that she could still be a radical environmentalist…right?

    Stone-Manning was included on the mastheads of several newsletters created by a local Earth First! newsletter that was known as the Wild Rockies Review. On an issue entitled “Autumnal Equinox,” Stone-Manning wasn’t the only name included. Bill Haskins was also listed. The two of them, along with five others, were subpoenaed over a tree spiking crime in 1989.

    Tree spiking was a popular way to prevent loggers from cutting trees down. Depending on where it was placed on the tree and if it were identified before the loggers began to saw it down, it could cause injury or death to the workers.

    As an editor of the newsletter, Stone-Manning was also able to determine what kind of language was used. She had no problem allowing an obscene letter that advocated violent action. It started out as “Dear weeniewanker…” and continued on to ask about what was going to be done to those who “ream our public lands.”

    Gee, this seems like the perfect person to lead the BLM.

    The real question is whether Biden was aware of Stone-Manning’s colorful past before he nominated her for the position.  Even if what happened 30 years ago was somehow missed, a quick glimpse of her social media posts should clarify that her position hasn’t changed.

    In 2020, Stone-Manning tweeted about an article that her husband had published in 2018, calling it a “clarion call.”

    While it sounds like putting the earth first would be a highly desirable trait for someone who is going to lead the Bureau of Land Management, we also can’t have someone who is willing to commit acts of ecoterrorism.

    We have to put humans first.

    Unfortunately, we need the logging industry. However, we have to question whether Stone-Manning would use her position to spike the trees before the loggers enter a particular wooded area.

    Oh, she wouldn’t do that. She did that kind of things years ago. Or…would she? The reality is that we don’t know. Yet, Biden is willing to take the gamble.

    It really begs the question of whether Biden is capable of being president. Did he choose this nominee or did someone else choose her and just tell Biden that she’s good to go? Clearly, she can’t be confirmed or we risk that the earth will be put first while humans are sacrificed for the “greater good.”

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