Careful Marjorie Taylor Greene! Impeaching Biden Will Give You President Harris


    Freshman Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene found herself in the news yesterday for being ready to do what so many others would not: impeach a Democrat. She filed articles for impeachment on Thursday and it is too funny. Of course, no one expects anything to come of it but it’s an impressive opening salvo, we have to grant her that.

    Greene said that she would file the charges last week and this is a woman of her word. Unlike some politicians who make false promises, she is ready at a moment’s notice. It bodes well for her term.

    So what did she focus her grievances on? As it turns out, Greene is ready to go for the jugular. She decided to speak out about the things that are being ignored at the moment.

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    The scheme that Biden came up with to try and shakedown Ukraine was discussed, as it should have been. These are the types of pay for play plans that have no business in a democratic government. Biden must think that we have forgotten all about his antics. He was caught on video trying to line the pockets of the crime family and no one seems to care.

    Now that there are new voices in Washington, D.C., it is time for a real change. Gone are the days when the Bidens of the world could simply run roughshod over the laws that we all hold dear.

    She’s outlining all of the issues with Biden and there is very little wiggle room to be found here. He’s abused his office on numerous occasions and he is forever on the take.

    Greene also pointed out the fact that he is willing to enrich his son, compromising our democracy in the process. No one is expecting these impeachment proceedings to actually unfold but the fact that she is saying the quiet part loud is crucial. The Biden family sees nothing wrong with colluding with foreign nationals, either.

    It’s blatant and everyone sees it…..except for the Democrats.

    Viktor Shokin was the top anti-corruption prosecutor that Ukraine had to offer. Biden made his phone calls and all of a sudden, he was not employed in the same capacity anymore. This is just another one of the many coincidences that the Democrats are trying to pawn off as a figment of our imaginations.

    Hunter Biden used his father’s connections to line his pockets and he even put the nation in danger by developing close relationships with Chinese nationals. This man cannot be trusted with our nation’s secrets but Sleepy Joe did it time and again. Nepotism is the same thing that used to have the Democrats upset.

    We were told for four years that nepotism cannot and will not be tolerated. However, the tune changes once the Democrats are the ones who stand accused of allowing their friends and relatives to line their pockets. That’s perfectly okay and it’s only an issue when the mean old orange man does it, all right?

    It’s sarcasm but there is a lot of truth to it. Biden has barely been sworn in and all of the hypocrisy that we predicted is already taking place. It starts with people not even being willing to take this particular story but you can acknowledge multiple truths at once. Greene may not expect results but she is making sure that an important conversation is had.

    At the end of the day, that’s what elected officials are supposed to do. They are supposed to carry on the conversations that are most important to us so that the powers that be will hear us out.

    Greene is performing a valuable service and the mainstream media cannot be allowed to force people to think otherwise. All viewpoints matter, even the ones that are sure to have the Democrats all flustered. Kudos to Greene for keeping the ball rolling after the big day has passed.

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