Thanks for Flushing Trump’s Work Down the Drain, Biden


    It’s gone. It’s all gone. What Trump worked closely with Congress for in four years was wiped out in executive orders by Joe Biden in a single day.

    Joe Biden promised that he was a moderate. He promised that he was going to do what was right for the American people.

    Joe Biden succeeded in one thing: succumbing immediately to the peer pressure of the liberals on Capitol Hill. He didn’t even bother to work with Congress to address some of the points of legislation. He just grabbed a pen and signed.

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    It’s hard not to question all that Biden did on his first day. He made bad decisions that are going to come back to haunt us as a country.

    There was a reason why Donald Trump pulled the country out of the Paris Agreement. It was a bad agreement – and it was costing us more than anyone else. However, Biden didn’t want to be the bad guy, so he had us rejoin.

    There was a travel ban against Muslim countries, too. It was to help to prevent terrorist organizations from entering the U.S. Especially during the pandemic, though, there should be no lifting of travel bans. Biden got rid of that, too – and that’s likely going to help his son, Hunter, make some new business deals.

    The mask mandate was one of the dumbest executive actions since most states have a mandate, anyway. Plus, he only set it for federal properties– and quickly violated it within hours of signing it into existence.

    It’s not surprising that he halted the border wall construction. He and Kamala Harris both have been vocal in their desire to improve immigration and provide migrants with a way to enter the country. With the economy on shaky ground and the pandemic ripping through the country, it’s one of the dumbest decisions that he could have made.

    No one voted for Biden because he offered intelligence, though. They voted for him because he wasn’t Trump. They could have put a monkey into the White House and people would have voted for him simply because that was their motto. Vote blue – it didn’t matter for who.

    Now, Democrats are going to learn the hard way that it’s important to know who your candidate is. They’re going to realize as immigrants are given priority over Americans the dangers of voting in any candidate.

    A new immigration plan has been unveiled, and it should make everyone sick to their stomach. Any migrants who can prove they were in the U.S. by January 1 will be given a way to become a citizen.

    Forget about the unemployed Americans. Forget about the hungry Americans. Biden’s about to allow millions to be granted citizenship because his bleeding liberal heart tells him that it’s the right thing.

    The number of executive orders signed by Joe Biden on Day One was alarming – 17. It’s more than any other president has ever signed on the first day, including Trump.

    Perhaps the most disgusting aspect is that he did it all with an executive order. He didn’t talk about it. He didn’t take it to Congress to pass legislation. He simply did it with a pen and paper because he felt the power to do so.

    Why? One, it gets the job done quickly. Let’s not argue about making millions of migrants American. Let’s not talk about how rejoining the Paris Agreement is a bad idea.

    Biden knows that he’s only got the majority by a small percentage. Taking it to Congress could mean that even Democrats wouldn’t support him.

    Plenty of Republicans are already criticizing what Biden is doing – and Dan Crenshaw, a Representative from Texas, is one of the loudest.

    Crenshaw pointed out that none of the “new agenda” is helping hard-working Americans. It’s helping China. It’s helping Russia. And it’s most certainly helping illegal immigrants. Where is the priority to help the working class? Oh, right, Biden doesn’t actually care about them.

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