Liberal Say What? Insane New Made-Up Words the Left is Now Using


    Do you speak “Woke?” For those not familiar with “woke speak,” no one blames you.

    It’s better that you don’t know. The Left’s “One Weird Trick” is that it doesn’t even have to make sense so long as it distracts you.

    The cultural Marxism of “woke speak” represents an attempt by the Radical Left to colonize and subvert the English language – changing the definitions and meanings of things, and with it the terms of accepted debate.

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    Orwell said war is peace. The Left says up is down. Next, they will want to cancel the U.S. Constitution.

    Oh wait, they’re already doing that.

    The Left is full of bad ideas. Politically correct or P.C. Culture has grown like a weed in our language. The American English of the Radical Left is repatriating its Latin heritage and making Frankenstein words like “cisheteropatriarchy” and “hxrstory.” Each one is more brutalized and confusing than the last.

    These beauties of corrupt speech are the products of the “emerging field” of “ethnic studies,” which many have accused of lacking academic rigor (meaning zero standards for honesty and accuracy). It may just be a totally made upfield, it’s founders aren’t even sure.

    It’s not enough for the Left to just have crazy ideas, you have to believe them, too. They have to enforce their dogma onto everyone else.

    Now the Radical Left is talking about “re-education” camps in the United States for Trump voters. The Democrats, aided by the media, are trying to stoke a Civil War and use claims of unrest to try to neuter the Second Amendment and strip U.S. civil liberties.

    The threat of “re-education” camps isn’t just a hollow threat. The Left is already coaching a new generation of kids in California schools by adding to curriculums glossaries of their new perverted terms, all of which are radical and all of which are left.

    Re-education camps are favorites of communist dictatorships North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union. Now that the Democrats aspire to enact a dictatorship of socialism across the U.S., the Left looks to the gulags of Siberia and the political prisons of Pyongyang as models of education.

    The majority of critics find the excessive and made-up-on-the-fly terminology oppressive, obscure, and ideologically one-sided. Ninety-nine out of one hundred people find it exhausting.

    “The jargon in it, the invented words, the language known only to a few academics makes this a model curriculum that is impenetrable for high school teachers,” said Williamson M. Evers from the Stanford-based Hoover Institute in Stanford, California.

    The rank charlatans, propagandists, and professional con artists behind the promotion of “ethnic studies” – which is essentially used as a shiv to murder people’s lives and careers – claim that like chemistry or psychiatry, ethnic studies has developed a precise vocabulary to define and capture concepts.

    “We have our own academic language as our own field,” said R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, a Los Angeles teacher who ran California’s ethnic studies curriculum advisory committee.

    Dogs have their own language, too – only they’re more eloquent.

    It would be one thing if the Left kept their ideas to themselves, but you have to agree with them, too. Look at their new “words”:

    • Herstory

    • Heteropatriarchy

    • Nepantlas

    • Xdisciplinary

    • The Four “I”s of Oppression

    If you work for a living, chances are you don’t know have time for The Four “Is” of Oppression. Liberalism really is a mental disease you acquire when you have too much time on your hands, no responsibility, and no idea of how the world works.

    We’re dealing with a group of people who think history is racist (welcome to history) and pronouns are sexist.

    We could deal with the Left’s complaints about verbs and adjectives, but the move to modify pronouns is a bridge too far. If we obeyed the Radical Left’s new repressive speech codes no one would communicate at all for fear of offending.

    Goodbye history, hello “HERSTORY,” which means history written from a feminist perspective. By changing the prefix we’re changing the world, apparently. And confusing everyone.

    The Radical Left goes one more rung further down the linguistic wormhole with “HXRSTORY,” which is used to describe “history” written from a “gender-inclusive perspective.”

    Everything is political. Unfortunately, Liberals enjoy Hell.

    Possibly the only interesting new word of the bunch though is “nepantlas,” which upon first glance could lead you to believe it may have something to do with not having any pants. Rather, it is a Náhuatl word, native American tribe from southern Mexico and Central America, adopted by “Chicanx” scholars to describe an “in-between space,” which means a messy space where transformation can occur.

    A certain respect is accorded the Náhuatl – and the Radical Left by extension – knowing they smoked a lot of peyote to come up with that one (and likely pantless).

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