Liberals Continue to Give Ridiculous Ideas as They Take Power


    Power and money are all that the Democrats want. They do not care about freedoms or rights. All they know is that money is power. They have big tech and wealthy people in their corner, and that is all they need to control people. Through their channels, they are able to censor, manipulate and threaten people to get what they want out of them.

    The amount of censorship that has risen in the past few weeks of President Trump’s term is exhausting. The frivolous liberals just could not wait until he was gone so they could begin to engrain themselves into the annals of powers.

    With big tech in their corner, they can shut down people that voice opposition. They are able to manipulate the news to match up with what they are proposing. They employ these methods to work out their power hunger mirror those that communist China uses to control their people.

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    Any voice that would dare speak out against the election results and validity is in danger of harm or being silenced through any of the deletion channels at the Democrat’s disposal. And right now, they can delete profiles of people from their social media accounts to keep the truth from being spread around the free world.

    Opposing opinions are a threat to the power that the liberals have at their fingertips. The problem with power-hungry dictators is that they end up making severe error judgment calls. When they decided to delete accounts that posted legal paperwork that was related to the Russia collusion issue, they shot themselves in the foot.

    The deletion of factual information only raises more questions and causes corporations and watchdog entities to zero in on the people responsible. But these eyes have not stopped the carnage that continues to spread through the media world.

    Places such as CNN and other major networks tell lies and use fake facts and sources to make their news appear genuine. The Democrats ignore these gross errors and go after truth-telling sources such as Newsmax and OAN with intentions of shutting them down. They just do not want any truth leaking out.

    The Democratic Party is a mild version of communism. They want to control the news and the facts that are told so they can make themselves look good. But the problem they are going to face is that there are too many conservatives that are not going to stand by and watch them tear down free America.

    Of all the terrible ideas and actions that the left has done, the most recent idea from the Daily Beast tops them all. Their solution is to set up a secret police organization that would probe around looking for dissidents that they can drag to the woods and murder in cold blood. Much like the Nazi’s did and what the Chinese do today.

    Their insanity was that “All find echoes in the events surrounding January 6. None dare say “wake-up call” or “lessons learned”—there’s been far too many of them over the decades. But one response to the 9/11 tragedy may well get renewed attention after the Capitol assault—especially if armed white nationalists are successful in carrying out more attacks in the coming days and weeks: The call for the secret police.”

    Their idea is a replacement organization that would investigate any and all domestic points of interest that would seek to topple the established dictatorship. These kinds of ideas have been seen in the past in various forms.

    J . Edgar Hoover was known to spy on Martin Luther King and to watch political opponents. People may think that this is a thing of the past, but it was done to President Trump while he was campaigning in 2016 and all throughout his presidency as his private phone calls would find their way into the hands of the people that wanted to tear him to pieces.

    Freedom is never free. There is the cost of life that stands as a monument to the greatness of men’s sacrifice and women who have died for this country. For the Democrats to act like they hate the country is an insult to every hero that sacrificed everything for the United States.

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