Acosta Takes a Swipe at Trump but Outs CNN’s Own Desperation Instead


    How powerful is President Donald Trump to the left?

    He isn’t in office and he’s still all they talk about, living rent-free in their heads. He’s so powerful they just can’t quit him. They can’t talk about Joe Biden because he isn’t worth their effort. So still they talk about Trump.

    Jim Acosta was trending this morning on Twitter. Why? Because he’s still obsessed with attacking Trump. This is all they’re left with. Acosta compares Trump to a Karen.

    This is what they’re pitching as news?

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    What’s funny about it, though, is Acosta is trying to argue that Trump is seeking attention, yet he, Acosta is the one who can’t stop talking about Trump. It’s also funny that folks on the left are trending this, calling Acosta a “legend.” They can’t exist without Trump.

    Indeed, in every interaction with Trump, it’s Acosta who’s the Karen, always seeking to make whatever the situation is about him, rather than about the news that he’s supposed to be covering. For example, when Trump recently went to the border and was actually talking about the border crisis, Acosta had to follow him there and asked if he was going to apologize for the Capitol riot. Acosta got booed by the people there. Forget about actually doing his alleged job or covering the border. That’s actually asking too much of him, apparently. To be fair, it’s CNN, so his actual job isn’t journalism, it’s to be a Democratic operative.

    As CNN guys like Acosta desperately try to hang onto Trump, CNN’s ratings are still dropping into the basement.

    From Fox News:

    CNN averaged only 719,000 viewers during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m. ET, while Fox News averaged 2.08 million during the same time period. CNN has failed to reach more than 1 million total viewers on 16 different days from June 9 through July 8.

    CNN struggled to attract viewers throughout the day, starting with “New Day” attracting an audience of merely 421,000. The liberal network failed to reach even 800,000 viewers until “Erin Burnett OutFront” managed 849,000 at 7 p.m. ET.

    Meanwhile, every Fox News program from 7 a.m. ET through the conclusion of “Gutfeld!” at midnight ET averaged more than 1 million viewers. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” led the way, averaging 3.2 million viewers to outdraw all of CNN’s primetime programming combined.

    CNN has found it difficult to attract an audience during the Biden era as the liberal network searches for a post-Trump identity. During the second quarter of 2021, CNN averaged only 654,000 viewers compared to 1.2 million for Fox News.

    The primetime lineup of Cooper, Cuomo and Lemon averaged only 914,000 for the entire second quarter, while Fox News averaged 2.17 million over the same time period.

    Meanwhile, that guy that CNN had on all the time who they said was going to bring down Trump, Michael Avenatti? He cried when he was sentenced to 2.5 years for trying to extort Nike. He still faces other charges. How’d that work out for you, CNN?

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