New York Mayor Attempting to Punish Trump’s Businesses Before Return to Private Sector – Family Retaliates


    New York City is doing its best to make the iconic Trump family seem unwelcome as their potential return looms. The city’s mayor announced on Wednesday that they will terminate all contracts with President Donald Trump and his companies, blaming the move on last week’s Trump rally in Washington D.C.

    Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the  Trump Organization is under city contract to operate the two ice rinks and a carousel in Central Park as well as a golf course in the Bronx, from which he profits around $17 million a year.

    “The President incited a rebellion against the United States government that killed five people and threatened to derail the constitutional transfer of power,” de Blasio said. “The City of New York will not be associated with those unforgivable acts in any shape, way or form, and we are immediately taking steps to terminate all Trump Organization contracts.”

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    The  Central Park Conservancy has said in their statement that they are behind the city’s movement away from the current president and his work in the nation’s largest city. The conservancy said they fully support the city’s  decision to “revoke the current rinks and Carousel concession contracts.” Later in their statement, they cited their desire to ensure that Central Park remains a welcoming place for all. They did not, however, indicate how they believed maintaining their current contracts would inhibit that in any way.

    First son and executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, Eric Trump, told ABC News that the move is  “Yet another example of Mayor de Blasio’s incompetence and blatant disregard for the facts. The City of New York has no legal right to end our contracts, and if they elect to proceed, they will owe The Trump Organization over $30 million. This is nothing more than political discrimination, and we plan to fight vigorously.”

    The mayor’s announcement is just the most recent in a long line of backlash that has come down on the country’s president for the violence that broke out at a rally of an estimated two million that gathered in Washington last Wednesday to support the president’s claim that he won the November presidential election.

    In addition to New York’s threat, the president has been booted unceremoniously off numerous social and user motivated media platforms and Shopify has disabled the president’s ability to sell online through their technology. The PGA of America voted Sunday that they would join the anti-Trump bandwagon, deciding that they would move their  PGA Championship away from his New Jersey golf course next year.

    The Girl Scouts are also attempting to get themselves out of an office lease in a Trump organization building.

    “In 2014, the Girl Scouts of Greater New York entered into a 15-year lease at 40 Wall Street. As a matter of very high priority, our organization has been exploring options for getting out of the lease and the building,” said Meridith Maskara, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York. “We continue to investigate our options and work to find an office space that would best serve the girls of New York City.”

    These less than friendly welcome came around the same time that various family members have announced their departure from The Big Apple in favor of sunny Florida as they prepare for civilian life again.

    “Trump Jr., 43, will be moving to Florida — following in the footsteps of his little sister — with gal pal Kimberly Guilfoyle, 51, in tow,” the Post reported. They added that Tiffany Trump, 27, is also looking to move to Miami, and Jared Kushner, 40, and Ivanka Trump, 39, just bought a $30 million lot to round out the Trump exodus from New York City.

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