And the Truth Will Set You Free–NYC Finds a 135,000 Vote Error in Election Count


    There is a lot of speculation as to the reliability of the 2020 election results. Many people suspect that Joe Biden is not supposed to be the president for this term. But instead, it is supposed to be Donald Trump sitting in the White House. The suspicious nature of the election has many citizens wondering if the system is reliable or if the Democrats have ruined the process forever.

    New York City election officials are now baffled at finding 135,000 “over-count” votes between two Democrats running at the city level. And now that it has happened, they feel the need to get to the bottom of it. And what was found was that no one hit the reset button after the test run was finished. So those fact votes were counted with the actual votes.

    But according to the Democrats, those kinds of errors could never happen during a presidential election. For some reason, the liberals want to keep switching upvoting methods. Liberals need constant change so they can continue to hide the fraud they love to commit.

    New York City officials used a “Ranked Choice Voting” system to get their results. It works because people get to pick who they prefer over the ones they do not want to see in the office. This method gets confusing to follow when all the votes start to shift around when lower-ranking candidates are kicked out of the system.

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    Once the voting was completed, all the rounds started shifting votes around. And finally, someone yelled out the obvious, “Why are there more than 100,000 more votes in the aggregate total today than were reported last week when the First Choice totals were announced?”

    At that moment, every mouth in the room drops, and people start thinking that fraud is taking place. And in good Democratic fashion, the response was, “We’ll get back to you.”

    The failure of the liberals to run a clean election only causes people to doubt their ability to do things right. After all, Kamala Harris has flubbed at the border. And Joe Biden has opened the doors of America to other nations seeking to rob national secrets.

    One hundred thousand votes are a lot of messed-up information. And all the election officials could do was state that they needed more time to figure it all out. They needed more time to come up with a lie to cover their mistakes. But after all, they have never seen anything quite like this error before.

    Donald Trump pointed out similar errors in the national election in 2020. And the Democrats ignored and ridiculed that something like what they saw in New York City could ever happen with so many votes. And these same Democrats do not want Republicans in critical states coming up with a more secure way to vote because they claim that the system works fine.

    The American people have every right to doubt the reliability of the election process. When Democrats are at the helm guiding the process, one can only wonder what kind of cheating occurs.

    In 2020 there was video evidence of people pulling out cases of ballots and running through the machines. And when the evidence was presented, the liberal judges and decision-makers would not believe what they were seeing, so they dismissed it as fake.

    Donald Trump had received so many votes that it was more than any other candidate in the country’s history. And out of nowhere, the unpopular Joe Biden stacks ups millions more. And it never occurred to anyone to go and check how many registered voters there were national. The chances are that there are more votes than the registered voters. But according to the media, that could never happen.

    The fiasco in New York City proves that anything can happen when a liberal is in charge. And the fact that something so idiotic happened in New York also shows that it can happen anywhere. The presidential election was faulty, and Joe Biden just happened to benefit from a rigged the election. Until those issues are fixed, the election process will be under scrutiny for years to come.

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