Biden Gets the Second Dose of COVID Vaccine but Stands in the Way of Others


    There’s a reason that things are done the way they are – to prepare for the unexpected. However, president-elect Joe Biden has decided that he wants to be dumb and greedy. He’s gotten his second dose of the COVID vaccine. However, he’s taken away the possibility of many others being able to get their second dose.

    For both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, it’s critical to get the second dose. Otherwise, it’s not going to be fully effective.

    During the Trump administration, it was decided that half of the available doses would be held back. Makes sense. If there are two million vaccines, one million people can get vaccinated. It’s basic math considering that everyone needs two vaccines.

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    Biden, however, has decided that he wants to get the vaccines out as quickly as possible. So, he’s going to ditch the reserves. He’s just going to have hope that the pharmaceutical companies will be able to produce more as quickly as they have promised to do so.

    Yikes. So, there’s the very real possibility that you could get your first dose. Then, 21 days later when it’s time to return for your second one, one isn’t available. Why? Because they’ve handed out all of the first doses and more have yet to make it out to where you’re being vaccinated.

    What Biden wants to do is a novel idea. Get as many people vaccinated as possible. Of course, that’s what we need to do in order to get the pandemic under control. It’s why Trump worked tirelessly to make sure that a vaccine was ready as quickly as possible.

    The problem is that Biden isn’t being very realistic. He’s a dreamer, and it’s going to cost more Americans their lives. He’s assuming nothing will happen to stand in the way of the pharmaceutical companies getting the rest of the promised vaccines out.


    It’s better to expect the unexpected. No one expected COVID-19 to hit as hard as it did and look where that got us. No one expected people to storm the Capitol Building and look how that turned out.

    We have no choice but to be realists. There’s always the possibility that the pharmaceutical companies will have a delay. Or there will be a transportation delay to get the vaccines out to where they need to go.

    Emptying the reserves to get everyone their first shot does absolutely no good if the next round isn’t available at the 21-day mark.

    But, what does Biden care? He got his second vaccine – and Dr. Biden probably got hers, too. After all, when you’re a Democrat, you have to look out for number one.

    Getting rid of the reserves to ensure those who have already been vaccinated with the first shot get their second shot is a bad idea. There are still too many things that need to happen before we do that.

    More companies are waiting for FDA approval of a vaccine, including one by Johnson & Johnson that doesn’t need a second shot. It’s just a one and done. That is one that can be released with as much fury as Biden wants because it won’t cost anyone their chance to get the vaccine.

    Originally, it was suspected that the two-dose vaccines would be cut in half. However, government scientists recommended against it. Instead, Biden wants to stop holding back the vaccine supply. He makes it sound as though Trump is being vindictive by holding it back. It’s called being calculated – something Biden should know a few things about.

    Dr. Fauci of the CDC has also been identifying that things may get worse before they get better. To Biden, that means that he’ll risk the lives of more Americans by potentially reducing the number of vaccines that are out there. After all, it doesn’t help anyone if everyone only gets one shot and the second shot is nowhere in sight.

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