The Uniting Force Behind Democratic Party is Gone so Let the Fighting Begin


    The Democratic Party may act like they want the country to unite, but they certainly do not want it the way it should be. Liberals only want one thing, and that is to have everyone worship them at the foot of their thrones. The unity that they want is what they dictate. If unity were something that they really wanted, then they would have unified under the leadership of the Republican president.

    For them to want everyone to unify now that they have control is purely selfish and obscured. The unity that is needed is not what is defined by the lousy liberals but rather what takes place when an outside force threatens America. The unity that is needed is mirrored after the way the country came together is 9/11.

    The liberals today have no common sense. They cannot see that the real danger to freedom is not who sits in the White House, but the people that want to use them to attack freedom for everyone maliciously.

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    The Democratic Party acts like they are unified, but they are quickly becoming fractured. When the voter demanded something new and brought in Donald Trump as president, the liberals found that the thing that would bring them together is hatred.

    The long resistant progressive even found their way to uniting against the choice of the American people. The voter wanted someone who stands up against the crazy Democratic threat brewing in the shadows.

    President Trump called them out on it, and it was from that moment forward, they hated the man as one and worked for long years to unseat him as president. Even at the end of his first term, he is viciously hated by the rapid Democratic Party.

    But now that he is stepping aside, the unifying point is going to be their undoing. Already in the House, there are calls for the old Democrats to die off so the newer ones can take over. The party rallied together behind hatred, and now that monstrous feeling is gone, they are turning back to greed and selfish ambition.

    The best that the Democrats could find was Joe Biden. He was their pick to try and navigate their way back to the White House. But they needed help and found a way to cheat without calling attention to themselves quietly.

    The fracturing of the evilest party to ever exist is seen in the way that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publicly wants Pelosi to die off or step down so she can take over. Bernie Sanders was instructed to never call people socialist again because of the damming effects that the label was having on their political career.

    Joe Biden continues to have a mental decline, and the soon to be vice president is hated by everyone that knows what she is really like. Kamala Harris has been lying a lot to try and change her public image. But no one is buying her act.

    Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have different goals. Pelosi and her hatred for the president continue to haunt her party as she tried to force another impeachment process. But the fractured party does not want to hang themselves again on another futile attempt to dive headlong into insanity.

    Their call for unity falls on deaf ears because they brand Republicans as traitors and view the millions upon millions of true Americans as their enemies. But there is not one Democrat that is willing to work with another to bring about the American spirit.

    The patriotic call to unite long left the Democratic Party. They no longer know what it means to be an American. They have united with America’s enemies in their quest for power. And now that the deed has been done, it is time for the liberals to pay their true masters.

    China owns Joe Biden, and the communist-socialist own the worthless progressives in the House that think they are special somehow just because they are an immigrant or once a bartender. The generation of liberals far exceeds their own self-pious pride. They have blinded themselves with greed and power and no longer know what being an American truly about.

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