Kamala Harris to Lose the Titles She Covets With Love?


    Kamala Harris is living on top of the world with all of the titles that she has placed behind her name. But the one thing she has missed is that with each title comes an envelope of things that she is supposed to take care of. When Joe Biden put her in charge of the southern border, she was supposed to travel to the border and develop solutions. But instead, she traveled to Central America to blame the issue on other leaders.

    Her reluctance to protect America has led to 50 House Republicans signing a letter to demand that Biden strip her of her responsibility concerning the border. Harris was supposed to take on the issue and solve the problem, but all she has done is her nails in her office.

    The letter sent to Biden was self-explanatory. It detailed how the border crisis is the worst it has ever been in the past several decades. And even worse yet is the negligence of Harris to not even travel to the southern border to see the problems firsthand.

    The Republicans are outraged that Harris shows no interest in fulfilling her role as the vice president. They noted in the letter that “It is an insult to our hardworking Border Patrol, ICE, and local law enforcement officials that put their lives on the line every day that the Vice President has yet to speak with them.”

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    America gave Biden and Harris the benefit of the doubt when they stated that they would work for the people after they cheated during the election. But all they have done is worked to destroy the protective barriers that Donald Trump left in place.

    And now that nothing is stemming the tide of people, Biden and Harris can sit back and laugh at the Americans struggling to find peace and safety. Reports show that in May alone, 180,034 people crossed the border. That number is 675 percent higher than in May of 2020 when Trump was president and working for the people.

    Harris needs to get out of the office and take the trip to speak with the people guarding the border. Glenn Grothman is a signer of the letter. And he noted that the number of illegals flowing into the country is at a 21-year high.

    Harris was named the border czar over three months ago. And since then, she has traveled in just about every direction but south. She did make the trip to Central America, but she would have been miles above the border, so that will not count for credit. She could have taken a day and stopped at the border while traveling south but just did not see the importance. After all, she is the border czar.

    Henry Cueller is a House Democrat that even wrote Harris a letter telling her to come south the border. Cueller serves in Texas and knows the problems firsthand. Harris ignored the invite and shafted a fellow Democrat because she believes that she is too important to visit her so-called subjects.

    Kamala Harris is all about the glamor she has for being a vice president, a czar, and even a director of something in space that she knows nothing about. Her failure to act has driven Americans closer together.

    Ron DeSantis has sent law enforcement from Florida to help secure the border. Governor Ricketts from Nebraska is even sending help to the south to help fellow Americans need security. The states are coming together to make sure that America stays a great place to live.

    Joe Biden and Harris may hate the country, but millions of people still love the red, white, and blue. Harris is certainly not one of those people.

    Donald Trump is set to visit with Greg Abbott in Texas to look at the problems being dealt with by the states. Harris got wind that Trump was back in town and chartered her tickets to the border so that she could beat him there. It is a little too late for the sad vice president. No one will ever take her seriously again.

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