Crooked Cuomo Bends to Science and Ends up Destroying His Narrative


    Andrew Cuomo continues to make a mess of things for himself and New York. He is currently under investigation for the deaths of thousands of elderly people in nursing homes. And he stands accused of nearly a dozen women for the way he sexually assaulted them with his words and actions. The nasty man even tried to cover up his dark deeds by trying to discredit his first accusers.

    And now it seems that the New Yorker is adding to the never-ending debate of the COVID-19 vaccination. The liberals want to keep people masked, but the science is not there to justify their continued grab for power. For over a year, the nation has been split between mask pushers and those who do not see the need to cover their lips since they are immune to the virus.

    For 15 long months, the liberals have pushed fear into the hearts and minds of people that have already had the virus. The CDC continues to issue guidelines contrary to what Biden claims vaccinated people can do.

    The CDC is recommending now that people that have the shots can take off their masks. Under CDC guidelines, these people are now free to get back to life. But the question that everyone wants to know is why the Democrats are still pushing for everyone to keep their faces diapered. And, of course, there is no mention of those that are immune from having the virus in the first place.

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    The screw-up that the CDC will not admit is that they are deliberately leaving out the immune people. But they would relatively guilt them all into getting a vaccine that they do not need. Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party want to force it on everyone so they can take credit for saving America.

    The liberals continue their push for the children to wear masks. At one time, children were never required to wear them now. Nothing has changed in the past year to warrant children being forced to wear a mask. They are told to keep greedy liberal teachers feeling as powerful about themselves as the bully grade-schoolers.

    Teacher unions still fight to keep from having to report to a classroom. They claim that they do not want to contract the virus, but they are already vaccinated. So there is no real reason why they should not already be back to class.

    Science already tells the story that the masks did not work to stop the spread. They were great tools for people such as Andrew Cuomo to use for the sole purpose of making life miserable for people. Cuomo and leaders like him will never admit that they are ignoring science.

    But one reporter made Cuomo admit that vaccine protection works, which leads to the next logical step of why he forces people to wear facial diapers.

    The issue surrounds people who will not attend the state fair because there are non-vaccinated people who will be present there. The reporter probed by stating, “What would you say to people that say, ‘Oh, there’s going to be unvaccinated people there. It’s dangerous. I’m not going.”

    Cuomo blurted out without thinking through his answer that people should get the vaccine. He pointed out that people who are not vaccinated do not threaten those who have been given the shot. Everything he just said contradicted the narrative that he has been pushing for over a year.

    The Democrats, along with Fauci, tell people that they need to mask up and stay away from each other because the virus is still around. And now Cuomo is telling people to get together and have a party because they are protected. At first, they wanted people worrying about catching the virus from those unvaccinated plague-carrying people. The Democrats wanted to brand conservatives as untouchable, and the virus gave them their opportunity.

    Now that Cuomo has let the cat out of the bag, the Democrats can no longer push their viral narrative. For the first time in his life, Cuomo accidentally told the truth about COVID-19 and the vaccine. Something that Republicans already knew a year ago.

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