Misinformation? Watch Who Really Broke the Capitol’s Windows (Video)


    While the mainstream media narratives are quite different today, there are videos that prove what really took place at the Capitol yesterday. The stories about packs of conservatives overwhelming the police are simply not the truth and we have the video to prove it. They stopped one of the many Antifa thugs who happened to be at the scene.

    These are the people that were looking to do real damage to the Capitol building. If you watch one of the clips, people are clearly telling them not to break windows. You can hear all of the various chants. People are saying “Don’t break the window!” “No Antifa! No Antifa!” but that’s not the story that the liberal media wants to run with today.

    The Trump supporters who were on hand even tried their best to intervene. Again, this goes against all of the stories that you are going to read today. This is our America. The mainstream reporters are simply never going to miss a chance to paint Trump supporters as being evil. The parties who were responsible for what took place need to be held accountable.

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    This is going to be difficult when no one actually seems to agree about what really happened yesterday. It’s hard to get everyone on board. There is even a second video from an even closer position that shows the Antifa member banging on the glass, attempting to weaken it. The Trump supporters who are there loudly boo the Antifa thug and they are clearly not going to tolerate any of this.

    One intrepid Twitter who goes by the display name “Emma Right” also shared a video, in hopes of getting the truth out there. “Violence by Antifa on the south side where Trump supporters were told to March to. Supporters stopped the breakage but he started again later. MSM keeps saying it’s Trump supporters. it’s not,” she said.

    She’s as fed up with the mainstream media as we are at this point and we cannot say that we blame her. They have no ability to report on anything that happens in a nuanced manner. Emma Right was not done there, either. “Stop listening to MSM lies. I was there in DC. Antifa started to break windows but stops by Trump supporters,” she said. Another video was shared to back up her assertions.

    No one should be surprised by these videos, as this is what Antifa does. They love to disrupt peaceful protests so that the media can smear the Americans who are willing to take these types of steps. Anyone who goes along with these narratives is allowing the wool to be pulled over their eyes in real-time.

    Antifa has also been setting up the “protest” for some time now. How can the officers who were in the area act as if they did not know? The willful ignorance that is on display here is absolutely ridiculous. The mobs who decided to make their way into the peaceful protests at the Capitol were probably paid off by the same liberal figureheads that are always involved in these sorts of things.

    All we are going to say is one very simple thing. When it inevitably comes out that George Soros or someone who is adjacent to him was involved in all of this, we are not going to be the least bit surprised. The mainstream media won’t want to talk about it but that is just the way that things go nowadays. We will be sure to let our readers know as soon as we find out more, though.

    In the meantime, it is important that the truth is able to spread. These are the videos that need to be shared on social media, to counteract the wave of blatant misinformation that is circulating. These are the dirty tricks that the Democrats play and we need to be smart enough to see them coming before it is too late.

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