Joe Biden’s COVID Plan: Heavily Flawed Even Before Launch


    Biden is coming! Biden is coming! Liberals across the country seem to think that, miraculously, the pandemic is going to end as soon as Biden gets inaugurated. The problem is that they’re wrong,  very wrong.

    Joe Biden has an entire transition team to help him with America’s problems. He’s also got a COVID response team to deal with the pandemic. The plan that he’s got in place has major flaws.

    From the beginning, Democrats have criticized the way that Trump has dealt with the pandemic. What they don’t realize is that we’re dealing with a virus that no one has had to deal with before. The CDC has changed their minds on how to handle it several times. The WHO took forever to come up with any kind of plan whatsoever. Even Dr. Fauci is starting to change his mind about herd immunity.

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    Biden’s team involves Dr. Fauci serving as the chief medical adviser. There’s a 16-member team that includes medical doctors, two of which have a background in public health. That’s all well and great, but the team is missing some areas of expertise.

    Where are the individuals who are experts in social and behavioral sciences? What about public health education or communication?

    Therein lies the flaws of Biden’s COVID plan. The president-elect forgot a major piece of the puzzle. How are the new rules going to be broadcast to Americans? Where is the educational program to tell Americans that this is the plan?

    The COVID plan doesn’t do anything different than what Trump has offered. Wear a mask and physical distance. These are based on evidence that they can help communities with the pandemic.

    Americans need to know that the federal government has a united front. The CDC provided educational campaigns about washing our hands. We’re all in agreement that we can wash our hands properly with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. We’ve got that – and the reason we’ve got that is because of the campaigns.

    What about the mask-wearing and social distancing? Some states do it well while others don’t. Even within states, some stores do it well while others don’t.

    This is where it’s interesting to take a look at Taiwan. They’ve only had 785 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Sure, the country is smaller. However, there’s one thing that they did from the very beginning. The government launched an educational program across the nation to prevent COVID-19 from spreading – and it protected the economy, too.

    States hold a significant amount of power in the United States. There are some states that have issued required mask mandates while others (such as South Carolina and Florida) continue to say that they’re not going to issue such a mandate.

    A national campaign will help to provide better information to Americans when the states fail to do so. The country needs a consistent message – not from states but from the federal government. People need to be educated about how masks and social distancing are key.

    Without following such protocols, it’s only going to get worse – including mass shutdowns all over the country. No American wants to be told that they can’t do something. No one wants to see lockdowns happen – and that means that Americans have to work together to follow at least the basic protocols.

    “But I don’t want to wear a mask.” No one does. But wearing a mask while out in public for a few months is a lot better than having the entire economy shut down.

    The problem is that there are no educational campaigns in the works because Biden has failed. The president-elect isn’t even in the White House yet, and he’s already showing signs of failing. We’re supposed to get excited about him being our president, but where’s the promise that he’s going to take care of the issues?

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