Cuomo Gives Vaccine to Addicts Instead of People Who Need It the Most


    Andrew Cuomo has something in his brain that makes him make decisions that make absolutely no rational sense at all. All the way through 2020, he has done things regarding the China virus that has put people at risk. And now that there is a vaccine, he moves to mishandle how it is to be distributed. Cuomo does not care about the vulnerable people in the state of New York.

    Early on, the drugged-up governor put COVID-19 patients in the same confined space as elderly people. He deliberately infected them with the virus. And then he had the guts to lie about doing the crime in the first place.

    Andrew Cuomo is guilty of thinning the population of New York. He seeks to push the death toll higher by making decisions that will in no wise help protect people. The death of the elderly at the hands of a man that was supposed to protect them is undeniably criminal. If Cuomo were a Republican, the liberals would have already demanded that he be prosecuted for his crimes.

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    The virus has shown that it can be controlled by good decision making. States that allow their citizens to care for their health have seen amazingly low numbers. But in places such as New York, where the governor reacts instead of acts, there has been massive amounts of infections.

    Cuomo has recently made another stupid decision, which is to allow addicts to receive the vaccine before anyone else. And that includes the elderly. For some strange reason, Cuomo received the International Emmy Foundation Award for how he has weathered the virus’s pandemic period. It just goes to show that dumb people will award murderers for lousy decision-making skills.

    Cuomo has made some terrible decisions during the pandemic. He definitely does not deserve an award for anything. He deserves to be read his rights and thrown in prison. The thousands of adults that lost their elderly parents because of his terrible decision to flood the nursing homes with COVID patients would tend to agree.

    The task of prioritizing life over another is no easy task. But in this case, giving the vaccine to a drug addict before the elderly is just a wrong decision. Cuomo must believe that the elderly are not as important as the younger generation. Therefore, he must believe that it is just fine to neglect them and allow them to die.

    This thought process is indicative of a socialist monster. The survival of the fittest is all that matters to Democrats and progressives. So, they look to people that can help them achieve their anti-American goals, such as criminals and drug addicts.

    Cuomo showed his disdain for the elderly when he stated that “These are congregated facilities. Congregate facilities are problematic. That’s where you have a lot of people in concentration. Nursing homes are obviously the most problematic because they congregate with older, vulnerable people. OASAS facilities, what we call the O facilities, they congregate — not necessarily older — but congregate facilities.”

    He calls nursing home problems because the people inside of them are older. He would rather deal with younger people than seek ways to help the elderly.

    Cuomo places a drug addict on the same priority level as medical staff, healthcare workers, and others that genuinely care for other people. It makes no sense why a drug addict would be given the same treatment as a true hero.

    In the end, the decision was made by Cuomo because of the mighty dollar. The New York Association of Substance Abuse Providers got out their checkbook and bought him off. They lobbied him into making a decision that was favorable to them.

    The timing of the vaccine could not be better. The nation is ready for a return to normal. 2020 has been a year that only President Trump could handle. He deserves the credit for seeing the nation through one of the most challenging times in many decades.

    The Democrats hate him because he is successful at everything he does. They could not control him or buy him out, and that is why they needed to cheat to steal the White House.

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