DeSantis Schools Reporter on How To Ask a Question


    Ron DeSantis is the one governor who continues to do the right thing related to the people of Florida. The accusative media looks for anything that they can attack Republicans with because they all stand against the liberal threat facing America today. And now that the Florida governor is making headway with the fight against the China virus, he has come under attack by the whiny media.

    A CNN reporter took it upon herself to pressure DeSantis into answering her questions the way that she wanted to dictate them. The pesky Rosa Flores took it upon herself to try and hijack the meeting by pushing her questions on the governor without letting him answer each one.

    DeSantis is tired of the way the media tries to control everything, so he finally put Flores in her place. Flores flooded the room with her mouth by saying, “Governor, what has gone wrong with the rollout of the vaccine that we’ve seen phone lines jammed, websites crash –”

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    The typical ploy of liberal reporters is to flood the floor with their questions in an attempt to confuse the speaker and get them to admit or misstate something they can capitalize on. DeSantis went to answer her first question but was rudely interrupted by Flores when the governor stated, “Excuse me! Excuse me!”

    The fight continued back and forth to the point that Flores was flat out rude. She demanded that she should be allowed to finish her question. But DeSantis pointed out that her question was, “What has gone wrong?” And that was going to be the question that he was going to answer.

    Rosa Flores was giving a speech to make a point. She was not asking a respectful question. She obviously has no respect for the office of a governor. Like all liberal reporters, she believes that she is the most important person in the room.

    DeSantis points out her power-hungry ploy by stating that “You’re going to ask how many questions? You going to ask three? They only got one question.”

    The problem with the media reporting is that they do not ever investigate their stories before asking questions. Instead, they would just be told the answer so they can manipulate and change things to meet what they are trying to write. DeSantis asked her if she had ever looked into the data that is freely available.

    He was trying to get her to see that her question was stupid because the facts were already published that would have answered her question. Just to get the whiny reporter to shut up, he stated that “Because we distributed to hospitals and hospitals said, ‘first come, first serve, if you show up, we’ll do it.’ They didn’t use a registration system so there wasn’t anything that was done and there’s a lot of demand for it.”

    The governor’s way of running the state is foreign to the Democratic reporter. She comes from a circle of people who believe people need to be told what to do and how to do it. Democrats micromanage everything to death. They tell hospitals how to distribute the vaccine instead of letting the places do it themselves.

    It was clear from his words that “The state is not dictating [to hospitals] how they run their operation. That would be a total disaster. These guys here are more competent to deliver health care services than a state government ever could be.” The slap in the face moment towards the reporter was iconic. DeSantis masterfully handled Flores and would not her pin him to the ground as a person that mishandled the vaccine.

    The lazy reporter needed to be taught how to do her job. She is the writer, and she needed to do the work to find out the answers to her questions. Her lack of responsibility to do her job is why so many Americans no longer listen to the news or read the fake reports coming out by the liberal media. Flores needed to contact the hospitals and ask them those questions. But the facts remain that she is too lazy to pick up the phone and ask.

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