Cuomo Finds Out He Is Not All Powerful as Court Smacks Him Down


    Andrew Cuomo continues his path down lunacy lane as he reverts back to COVID-19 lockdown strategies. His orders for businesses to reduce capacity and for people to stay at home are only destroying the once productive state. He has even tried to keep religious organizations and churches from being able to operate at all while allowing bars and other places to remain open.

    Cuomo has no remorse for the pain and hurt that he is causing people to live through. The rules and regulations that he continues to push are obviously made up based on his preference as to which places are essential. For someone that hates religion, it is easy for him to try and close down churches. Except that meddling with religion is a constitutional violation of freedom.

    The illogical move of Cuomo to shutdown churches led to him being smacked down by the New York federal appeals court as they weighed in on religious freedoms. Cuomo is just like every other power-hungry Democrat that seeks to use COVID-19 for their power play plans.

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    The New York governor is licking his wounds as he found out that he cannot blame the virus for issuing laws that are not constitutional. Cuomo is another governor who refuses to look at the facts regarding COVID-19 and what truly works to control the spread of the virus.

    Top doctors and health advisors are telling everyone that lockdowns and other strict regulations will not help keep the virus in check. Lockdowns are only going to cause more harm than good in the long term because of the psychological effects that it can have on people not being able to leave their homes.

    The insane governor’s methods of trying to control the virus are futile at best. There is no science or reports that have ever been produced that prove lockdowns and mask-wearing prevent or limit the spread of COVID-19. People who faithfully wear the masks are getting sick regardless of whether they are on their faces.

    His methods of targeting religious establishments were killed before it ever got started. Cuomo looks at churches and other religious places as “hot spots” and deems them like the plague on society. These areas are being told that they cannot have more than 10 to 25 people in attendance, or there will be consequences for not obeying the socialist’s rules.

    COVID-19 continues to be the catalyst that the Democrats are using to control people and force them to do things that they do not want to do. The need by liberals to manipulate and control people is so strong that they are willing to kill a country to get what they want.

    The lockdowns have forced so many people out of work and businesses to close. And now that these people have no income, they have to rely on the government to provide them with just enough money and food to make it one week to the next. By default, this is socialism in action.

    The numbers that Cuomo looks at to determine if the region is a “hot spot” or not is determined by how many COVID-19 cases are there. What he deems to be nonessential businesses must send all employees home and shutdown. Restaurants can only deliver their foods, which ends up costing them more in the long run.

    Churches were told that 10 was the magic number. But that did not sit well, and people started to fight back. Cuomo found out that he cannot violate the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment and get away with it. The federal court smacked him so hard that he could feel his tiny brain bouncing around in his head.

    In this case, it was found that Cuomo had stricter guidelines on religious institutions than secular ones. But when places of faith got together and told him they did not have anything to do with his illegal order, he had no choice but to back down. Cuomo wants to blame religion for the climb in infection rates. But the truth is that a virus will find its way through a community, and there is nothing small Cuomo can do about it.

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