Angry Citizen Block Health Inspector, Demanding a Return to Work


    The liberal Democrats still live in their own world. They think that they can do whatever they want and not have to answer for their pandemic crimes. But millions of Americans are going to make sure that they are held accountable for the laws they enforce on everyone else.

    California citizens are ticked off with the rules and regulations that they are forced to obey, while their self-proclaimed taskmasters live a life of freedom. One restaurant owner has had enough, and he is taking it out on a liberal that wants to wreck everyone’s lives.

    Carlos Roman is the owner of Bread & Barley, located in Covina, California. He is so tired of not being able to open his restaurant to earn money that he found the sinful health inspector’s car and blocked him in a parking space just to keep him from being able to get to work.

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    The Democrats think that just because they hold a prestigious position, they can violate their own rules and keep on working. But this time, Carlos Roman enforced the law on the health inspector.

    The inspector had come to Roman’s restaurant to force the closure and to issue fines for his violation. There were people present that were enjoying their day until the dubious inspector showed up with his self-proclaimed god-like status.

    Roman stated that “This isn’t about me, they can’t pay their bills. The cook just had a baby he’s with his family right now.” Roman cares about the people that work for him. But it definitely shows that the liberal leaders do not care about anyone but themselves.

    The police ended up being called and threatened to tow Roman’s truck. The officer was quick to defend the inspector by saying that it “wasn’t his [the health inspector’s] fault.” He was just following orders.

    But the inspector still got to go to work, issuing fines to people that need to work as well. The duplicity of what the liberals are doing is sickening to the country.

    The inspector’s boss and other leaders listen with deaf ears to the complaints of people starving and losing their homes. The Democrats tell everyone that everyone is in a mess together, but that is far from the truth. The only people suffering are the everyday citizens forced to obey senseless rules.

    Roman told the police that all he was doing was trying to pay his bills and feed his family. Eventually, he moved his truck but not until his point was made with the inspector. Roman also stated that “We’re all in this together, we’ll just all starve to death and die.”

    The city leaders and others in government continue to get paid while everyone else is forced to leave their homes because they can no longer afford to live there. The city continues to fund itself by taxing people that they are not allowing to work. But that is precisely what it is like in a socialist dictatorship.

    David Rodriquez from the Covina police stated that “The peace was kept and Mr. Roman’s vehicle was moved from the roadway, allowing the health inspector to leave. We have no information on citations or fines issued by LA County Health Inspectors as they are a different entity.”

    At some point, there is going to be a tipping point for the level of abuse that people are willing to endure from the Democrats. The liberals are in for a massive wake-up call when the people rise up and throw them out of office. The only way the liberals have stayed in power this year is by cheating.

    Restaurants are allowed to open in LA County, but they must adhere to strict guidelines when serving people. This looks like an example of Democratic targeting. They just needed to make an example out of one person in order to keep others in line.

    President Trump and other conservative leaders have urged cities and counties to open things up. The virus has moved from an unknown entity to a virus that is another version of the cold. There is so much known about it that there is no reason to keep people locked up any longer.

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