Hunter Biden Has a New Racket to Pull in Huge Amounts of Anonymous Cash


    Hunter Biden seems to have escaped any real consequences for his alleged actions that resulted in an FBI investigation during President Donald Trump’s term.

    One wonders what, if anything, will be pursued now in the open FBI investigation.

    We’ve seen there are a lot of questions of conflicts of interest. Democrats would like to try to dismiss all that as irrelevant by saying, “Hunter wasn’t elected.”

    But his father is in power now and it’s his father who lied about not knowing anything about his son’s business associates. And it’s his father who met with some of those very associates as the emails on Hunter’s laptop and pictures of Joe with those associates prove. So one has to ask if everything was on the up-and-up; if people weren’t bargaining for access to Joe and whatever benefit the big guy could bring them, why all the lies?

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    Neither Joe nor Hunter have been called to account yet, which means that frankly, it could be continuing even now.

    Keep all that in mind as you check out this new report about Hunter Biden.

    You may or may not know that Hunter Biden has taken up being an artist. It’s now been announced that his ‘artwork’ is being priced between $75,000 and $500,000 dollars apiece depending on the size and nature, according to Fox Business.

    Are they serious? Do they think we were born yesterday and we really think this guy’s art is worth that? His art is worth more than the art of even famous artists to start with? According to Fox Business, a piece by Andy Warhol sold for $725,000 at a New York auction, by comparison. So we’re really supposed to believe that Hunter’s art is so inspired?

    Oh, and by the way, the ‘buyers’ are anonymous, and they wouldn’t tell us who they are. So if it were the CCP, we would never know. So we’ll be seeing money flood into his coffers, happening in real-time, right before our eyes, for ‘art’ (because he’s so talented, wink wink).

    Thinking this may be one of those things the FBI might also want to be looking into (assuming there are any of those guys left who haven’t completely been compromised). Money flooding into the coffers of Joe Biden’s son, given the question of prior conflicts but particularly now, given his father’s position, should concern us all.

    Meanwhile, the scandals and Hunter’s use of the n-word apparently aren’t impairing the price of the people getting involved with selling the art. Apparently, none of that matters when he has the magical “D” after his name.

    Biden’s dealer [Georges] Berges – who represents Sylvester Stallone and was reportedly arrested in California for assault with a deadly weapon and terrorist threats – plans to promote the art through a private viewing in Los Angeles and an exhibition in New York in the fall later this year.

    It stands to reason that his dealer would also have a colorful past. Berges claims that Hunter’s work has “authenticity.” Is that what you call it? Former drug addict, parmesan cheese hunter, stripper impregnator, conflicts with foreign entities – I’m not sure “authentic” would be the word that comes first to my mind.

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