Iowa Town Hall: Trump Says Biden Family Is Being Protected and the Justice System Is Corrupt


    On Thursday, former President Donald Trump joined Fox host Sean Hannity for a town hall in Iowa where he was well received by a lively crowd. During the conversation, Hannity showed a recent poll done by Harvard-Harris that showed that 53 percent of Americans and over a quarter of Democrats believe Joe Biden was involved in an illegal influence peddling scheme with his son Hunter.

    Trump said that this “goes to the heart of Jim Jordan’s investigation.” Congressman Jordan chairs a subcommittee on the weaponization of government. In April, it was revealed that the letter put out by intelligence community members that called the Hunter Biden laptop story “Russian propaganda” just before the 2020 election, had ties to the Biden presidential campaign, and was orchestrated by the current Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

    Hannity noted that Joe Biden had previously said in a debate:

    I’ve never talked to my son about his business dealings.

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    Congressman James Comer was also referenced, the Chair of the House Oversight Committee who on Tuesday threatened to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress if the agency did not comply with a subpoena to provide a document filed by a whistleblower.

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    As I previously reported:

    The scandal involves a form known as FD-1023, containing allegations that a foreign national exchanged $5 million in order to get policy decisions from then-Vice President Joe Biden. A whistleblower came forward with the bribery allegations, revealing the existence of the form, to Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office which prompted the Congressional inquiry and a request to the DOJ for investigation.

    While details of the subject matter are sparse, the inquiry is speculated to involve the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. In June 2020, Ukrainian officials organized a press conference where they presented $5 million in cash that was allegedly offered as a bribe to halt an investigation into Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of the natural gas company Burisma. The disgraced son of the then-VP, Hunter Biden, had served on Burisma’s board from 2014 to 2019 and received a salary of up to $1 million per year

    In response to Hannity’s questioning, Trump said that the Biden family is being protected:

    Well, they are being protected and it’s a one sided system, a very unfair system. But they are being protected. Look at the time that Biden said about the billion dollars, to get rid of the [Ukrainian] prosecutor [Viktor Shokin]. Now, can you imagine if I said that? A billion dollars to get rid of the prosecutor. You talk about tape, that’s on tape. That’s so illegal, what he said.

    It’s America’s money. “We’re not gonna give you a billion dollars unless you get rid of the prosecutor,” that was prosecuting his son and his son’s company. Even though, his son didn’t know anything about energy or anything else and he’s on the board of an energy company, getting paid a fortune, by the way. No the whole thing is crazy what’s going on.

    Trump continued, talking about the justice system, saying:

    We talk about borders, we talk about elections, but you can add our justice system. If it’s corrupt, if the people think, if there’s any perception of being corrupt… and when you look at all of this criminality like the laptop has so much stuff on it, it’s so bad, its so evil, and yet they don’t want to do anything.

    Trump went on to say that the possession of the laptop would have affected his impeachments, which he calls “hoax one and two,” saying that they could have never brought the impeachments if they had the laptop’s contents available at the time. Trump called the justice branch a “dual system of government” and said:

    You talk about law and order, you can’t have law in order in a country where you have such corruption.

    Turning his attention to Comer’s investigation, Trump said:

    And they fight so hard not to give the papers, with me they make up papers. They fight so hard not to give a document. Now, how bad can this document be? It’s very dangerous.

    Hannity revealed that Comer has claimed that within the last day that he now has obtained the subpoenaed document from the FBI.

    Hannity also asked Trump about why he fights so hard and often name-calls, citing criticism that he should “tone it down.” The live audience booed the question, but the television veteran, Hannity, rolled on. He asked:

    …what do you say to them?

    Trump responded by conveying more ideas about the two-tiered justice system and the way he has been attacked, saying:

    Okay, you ready? And, I say this to everybody: I won an election, it was unprecedented. We beat somebody that supposedly “had it made” and you know, they probably did things in that election too, they were shocked. But, I came into office and from the day I got in I was under siege by people that had been in Washington for many years. Put in there by many different presidents, in most cases by people that were against me. Like, they spied on my campaign, they did all sorts of things. I was under investigation and under siege and so were my people. And, if I wasn’t tough I wouldn’t be here right now. I can guarantee you that, if I didn’t fight back, I wouldn’t be here.

    Trump went on to say that those people have never been held accountable for their actions and that former Attorney General Bill Barr lost the courage to fight them, saying:

    What they did is so bad and they’ve been caught. Now, so far nothing’s happened to them of consequence. We had an attorney General Bill Barr who didn’t have the courage to fight, he just didn’t have the courage — he was a nice man — but he didn’t have the courage.

    He lost his courage when they wanted to impeach him, they said, “we’re gonna impeach Bill Barr,” they didn’t even know why, there was no reason to impeach him, he didn’t do anything wrong.

    Trump highlighted the importance of bravery, saying, “We need courage in this country, or we’re gonna’ lose our country.”

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