NEW: Bidens Offered ‘Safe Harbor’ to Hunter Biden, Messages Appear to Confirm Influence Peddling Scheme


    A new report from Jonathan Turley is raising eyebrows after new messages were uncovered that appear to confirm the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling scheme.

    (See: Biden Family Received Millions From Foreign Nationals)

    According to his write-up in The New York Post, text messages show Joe Biden appearing to know about his embattled son’s business dealings. The current president’s brother, Jim Biden, also comforted Hunter Biden in another message while indicating that Joe Biden was directly involved in what they were doing.

    The background of the text messages, as explained by Turley, is a 2018 piece published by The New York Times. It represented one of the first admissions by the mainstream media that Hunter Biden’s business dealings and personal life were problematic. In response to that article, Biden’s team worked franticly to try to get it altered.

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    How much was changed, we don’t know. What we do know is that Joe Biden then told his son that “I think you’re clear.”

    As Biden associates pushed the Times to change aspects of the story, Joe Biden called to report on the results.

    In his message, Biden ends his call to Hunter with the statement, “I think you’re clear.

    “And anyway, if you get a chance, give me a call, I love you.”

    How would Joe Biden Biden know his son is in the clear if he knew nothing of his son’s business dealings? The answer is that he wouldn’t. That’s long been a serious contradiction because the current president is clearly lying (as shown by many pieces of evidence) when he says he was oblivious.

    With that said, I don’t doubt that Joe Biden’s affection for his son was real. Yet, that doesn’t excuse what appears to be a corrupt arrangement that ended up with millions of dollars of foreign money suspiciously making its way into the bank accounts of Biden family members.

    Enter Jim Biden, the president’s troubled brother, who also has a long, checkered history of trading on Joe Biden’s name. In another message following the Times’ report, Jim Biden offered Hunter Biden “a safe harbor.” It’s what he said next that is really eye-opening, though.

    The new messages indicate that the Bidens were worried that Hunter was in a free fall as these dealings were becoming known and revenue was declining.

    Jim Biden appears to be rushing to get Hunter to work on the problem with the family.

    He assures him that they can find him “a safe harbor” and that “I can work with you[r] father alone!”

    The messages may refer to the fact that Hunter’s past complaint was that he was giving as much as half of his proceeds to his father and was now facing towering financial demands.

    The offer for safe harbor appears to be related to a drug binge that Hunter Biden was on at the time, not fear of criminal prosecution. Jim Biden was asking his nephew to come back, but the reason doesn’t appear to be related to well-being. When you read the next line, I suspect that “can” was actually meant to be “can’t” in the message, as that would make far more sense. Regardless, no matter which word was meant, the point of the message is the same: Jim and Hunter Biden were working directly with Joe Biden during a period of corrupt foreign business dealings.

    That we have emails proving that Hunter Biden was upset for having to give so much of his money to his father only underscores that message. Joe Biden can no longer lie his way out of this. There’s too much evidence that he knew what his son was doing.

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