NEW: Law Enforcement Preparing for Trump Indictment in the Next Week


    We all knew 2023 was going to be crazy but did you have a former president being indicted on your bingo card? Actually, given how the last several years have gone, you probably did.

    According to a new report from NBC News, law enforcement agencies are doing security assessments in preparation for an indictment of Donald Trump that could come as soon as next week.

    Local, state and federal law enforcement and security agencies are preparing for the possibility that former President Donald Trump is indicted as early as next week, according to five senior officials familiar with the preparations.

    Law enforcement agencies are conducting preliminary security assessments, the officials said, and are discussing potential security plans in and around the Manhattan Criminal Court, at 100 Centre Street, in case Trump is charged in connection with an alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels and travels to New York to face any charges.

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    The report stresses that this doesn’t mean for sure that Trump will be indicted, but it seems like a pretty good indication that the partisans at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office are going to make that move. Otherwise, you likely wouldn’t be getting these leaks. Nothing makes its way to a left-wing outlet like NBC News without a reason.

    Another sign that something big is coming is that Trump himself has been ranting about Stormy Daniels over the last week or so on Truth Social, calling her “horse face” and proclaiming his innocence. It seems probable that his lawyers, who were reported to be in contact with the DA recently, have already been made aware of a pending indictment.

    As to the merits of the case, I’ve written extensively that I think it’s politicized nonsense. That doesn’t mean Trump is in the clear, though. This is one of the most liberal parts of the country, and a jury selected from Manhattan isn’t going to be kind, nor is the former president likely to draw a friendly judge.

    Further, and please don’t shoot the messenger, there is the fact that the payment in question was actually made to Daniels. The claim that it was miscategorized on disclosure forms as a campaign expense is also strong. That’s the technicality the DA is using to go after him on, though there’s also the issue of upgrading the charge to a felony to navigate. Normally, you’d expect this to be a negotiated fine, but Democrats in New York are not going to pass up this chance.

    Trump’s defense will be that Michael Cohen set up the deal himself just to get rid of Daniels (Trump denies an affair happened). Cohen will end up testifying against Trump, but as a felon, he has serious credibility problems.

    Unless this is a massive head-fake, things are about to get crazy. Buckle up.

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