Newsom Ex Guilfoyle Savages CA Governor, Claims He’s Always Wanted to Be President

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    If you follow politics, there’s probably two people you can’t picture in a room together–California governor Gavin Newsom and former Fox News analyst and current fianc? to Donald Trump Jr. Kimberly Guilfoyle.

    Yet they were once married:

    He, the hyper liberal, exquisitely-coiffed smoothtalker and she, the brash, heavily made-up TV personality, somehow stayed in matrimonial bliss from 2001 to 2006.

    Now, however they’re going back and forth on the public airwaves, and it got nasty lickety-split, with each accusing the other of changing who they really are.

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    Guilfoyle was adamant that she’d always been a conservative, and that it was the Guv who has radically altered his worldview:

    “He used to be so proud to fight for small businesses, for entrepreneurs, for those hardworking men and women.

    And he’s fallen prey to the Left, the radical left that is pushing him so far to the left that it’s unrecognizable,” said the conservative commentator on the Charlie Kirk show.


    Guilfoyle was responding to her ex-husband, who had slung the first arrow when he appeared February 9 on CNN’s “The Axe Files” and said:

    “She was working for a progressive district attorney,” he told [former Obama campaign manager] David Axelrod. “We were close to Kamala [Harris], she knew her well, and she was spending a lot of time in Democratic circles.”

    He then accused her of basically selling her soul for a gig on Fox News:

    Kimberly’s turn to volley. Asked if Newsom had presidential hopes, she replied:

    Do I think? I know he’s going to run for president.

    He’s always wanted to be president of the United States. He worked, obviously, his way up from city council to board of supervisors — multiple races — and then to governor of California. You know, this is something that he wants very badly, and I’ll tell you something. I think you are going to see Gavin Newsom versus Donald J. Trump running against each other for president.

    Father-in-law and ex-husband.

    It seems to me that these two were never right for each other and both knew it, but went ahead and coupled up anyway because they thought it would benefit their careers.

    Newsom was never a conservative, and although he might not have been an out-and-out loon like he is now, was always a leftist. She on the other hand claims to have registered as a Republican when she was 18. Their only real bond was ambition.

    She’s probably right though–Newsom may soon take his show on the road and run for president.

    I hope and pray the the American people aren’t fooled by Gavin’s television appeal and his seemingly practical but utterly meaningless word salads like seemingly the people of California have been.

    If you think Joe Biden has driven this country to the edge of a cliff, expect Gavin Newsom to hit the accelerator if given the chance.

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