The Legacy Media Is Complicit in John Fetterman’s Downfall, but They Really Don’t Care

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    Remember Dasha Burns? She is the MSNBC correspondent who did a longform interview with then-candidate John Fetterman for Senate. She sat down face-to-face with Fetterman, who required an auditory and visual aid in order to answer her questions. It was during the execution of this interview that Burns realized how compromised John Fetterman really was after suffering his stroke. Burns was the only one in the legacy media who dared to say that the emperor had no clothes, and Fetterman needed to be in rehabilitation, not a toxic Senate race.

    Burns dared to be an actual journalist and say out loud what conservative media already knew: John Fetterman is mentally naked and unfit to serve as a sitting Senator. Strokes are nothing to play with, and his wife Giselle Fetterman and the Democrat Party, in collusion with the legacy media, poured hot grease on a dumpster fire by allowing Fetterman to continue to campaign. Nevertheless, Fetterman won, Mehmet Oz lost, and Fetterman was duly sworn in to the 118th Congress as the Senator from Pennsylvania.

    Six weeks later, the chickens are coming home to roost. As our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar reported, Wednesday night Fetterman checked himself into Walter Reed Hospital for treatment of clinical depression. This is a week after Fetterman was admitted to George Washington University Hospital, after feeling lightheaded at a Democrat Senate retreat. My colleague Bonchie expressed the disgust we all feel:

    Fetterman’s overly ambitious wife led the charge to keep her husband in the race, lionized by a compliant media that refused to ask any real questions about the now-senator’s condition. Instead, they wrote glowing profiles of Giselle Fetterman as a warrior against discrimination and the brains behind the campaign.

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    Meanwhile, those of us with an ounce of intellectual honesty felt like we were in the Twilight Zone. Fetterman would do a public appearance in which he’d mumble, mix up words, and make no sense at all, and the press would insist it was just a hearing problem.

    But what hearing problem results in a person mixing up words and not being able to form complete sentences? The truth of Fetterman’s problems didn’t matter, though. The narrative that it was just an “auditory processing” issue took hold, having been spread far and wide by Democrats desperate to maintain control of the US Senate. That desperation led them to prop up a man who wasn’t qualified for the job and who likely suffered more harm to his health by not dropping out of the race.

    Here are some of the low lights from Burns’ supposed colleagues in the legacy media essentially raking her over the coals and calling her everything but a child of God. Kara Swisher led the charge, even posting an unedited tape of an interview she did with Fetterman to prove that Burns was an incompetent hack who simply wanted to malign the candidate.

    Then there was genius David Mack of Buzzfeed News, who sicced the “disability advocates” on the reporter.

    Giselle Fetterman joined the attacks, claiming Dasha Burns was ablelist and there should be consequences for her discrimination.

    The wife of Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman demanded “consequences” for the NBC News reporter who spoke about her husband’s health problems earlier this week.

    Gisele Barreto Fetterman said there had been no consequences for reporter Dasha Burns’s comments, claiming the reporter was an “ableist” who discriminated against her husband after he suffered a stroke earlier this year.

    “I don’t like saying rage because I think that’s a really unhealthy feeling, and when you feel those things, it only harms yourself,” Fetterman told Fast Politics host Molly Jong-Fast. “But I just, you know, what a disservice that she did to not only my husband, but to anyone facing a disability and working through it. I don’t know how there were not consequences. I mean, there are consequences for folks in these positions who are any of the -isms. I mean, she was ableist, and that’s what she was in her interview.”

    Dasha Burns deserves a hand-engraved apology, and the rest of her cohorts deserve to be drawn and quartered. Shame that’s gone out of fashion, because it was so much more effective in keeping these deceivers from doing what they do.

    Even after all the evidence that Fetterman is unfit to be serving in the Senate, the legacy shills and others continue to serve up the horse hockey.

    This is patently dishonest and inherently foolish. This has nothing to do with conservatives. Any sane human with an ounce of compassion and foresight saw this coming, and the response is justified.

    Then there are those Democrat clapping seals who continue to ignore the elephant in the room. [WARNING: Strong language]

    And then there are those who play in the traffic of whataboutism.

    The dishonest and craven legacy media continues to do Fetterman, the people of Pennsylvania, and the American people a disservice by defending and supporting the indefensible. But they have a long history of it, so why stop now?

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