Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Calling for Fed Investigations Over Laptop, but There’s an Ironic Twist


    As we reported on Tuesday, Hunter Biden’s allies were weighing starting a legal defense fund for him to deal with the millions for his attorneys to deal with the various investigations and inquiries presently ongoing. That of course is going to raise questions about the donors, just like the questions about who is paying for his artwork.

    His allies are doing that as his lawyers seem to be gearing up for a more aggressive strategy. According to the Washington Post, attorneys sent letters to the Department of Justice and the Delaware attorney general requesting investigations of several people who either accessed or disseminated information from the laptop that he allegedly dropped off at the computer repair shop in Delaware. They claim that those people have “violated various statutes, including by making public restricted private information; accessing and disseminating stolen property; and making false statements to Congress.” Among those they want to be targeted are John Paul Mac Isaac, Rudy Giuliani, and Steve Bannon.

    They sent letters to Tucker Carlson and Fox News, demanding that he take down information from one of his shows. They also sent a letter to the IRS focused on Marco Polo — a non-profit group that has a website where you can access a lot of the material. They claimed that the group had violated their non-profit status by being involved in “political activity.”

    This is all sort of quietly hilarious because at this point they’re more than a little late. You can’t lock the door after the horse has bolted out of the barn and that happened a long time ago. The laptop material is everywhere.

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    But on top of that, hasn’t the left been telling us this was Russian disinformation for two years?

    Here’s Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) lying about the Kremlin.

    What about those 51 former intelligence community officials who told us they thought was Russian disinformation?

    But let’s not forget Joe Biden himself pushing that.

    So now that the lawyers are claiming that somehow people accessed and disseminate private information, it sounds like they’re acknowledging it’s real and that’s pretty funny after all the prior comments.

    They may think this effort will ward off tough reporting, but again, it’s a bit late at this point. Hunter allegedly abandoned the laptop. Plus, information on the laptop has been verified by multiple media sources at this point.

    But while seemingly acknowledging that the laptop was real after all this time is funny, what’s a bit concerning here is the lawyers are asking the Biden administration — the DOJ and the IRS — to take actions that involve matters related to Joe Biden’s son. If the Biden administration took those actions, there’s no doubt that would raise questions for them about intervening.

    The problem with this strategy too is then it generates even more media on the subject, so not necessarily the best idea from that angle either.

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