WH’s Comical Effort to Claim They’re Transparent Goes Awry


    The White House has played this game that they’ve been “transparent” about Joe Biden’s classified document scandal; they just keep saying “we’re being transparent,” and then they claim that speaks to the issue. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just keeps saying,”Ask the White House Counsel’s office.”

    But the White House hasn’t been transparent, from the first find of classified documents in Biden’s Penn Biden Center office-which we didn’t find out until January 9, and only because CBS broke a story on it first-right down the line to the present day. Then they failed to tell us about the second find of documents in December, when they confirmed the first find on Jan. 9. We were only told on Tuesday that they’d searched Biden’s Penn Biden office in November.

    As I wrote earlier, someone, either the DOJ or the Biden White House, ordered the National Archives and Records Administration not to publish the press release they were going to make about the Penn Biden find, which smells like a big cover-up. Tthe Biden administration — including the DOJ, NARA, and the FBI — are all refusing to comply with any Congressional requests for documents for oversight or to evaluate the national security consequences.

    Yet, listen to White House Counsel spokesperson Ian Sams brag about how “transparent” the White House has been, because of how much they have said without answering any of the critical questions.

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    Sams, like KJP, either ducks the question or tells reporters to ask the Justice Department.

    The reporters then asked Jean-Pierre a very logical question: how can you guys claim you are transparent, when you didn’t even reveal the Penn Biden search that occurred in November? That didn’t come out until Tuesday.

    Jean-Pierre claimed Sams had answered that question, but he hadn’t answered it at all. Sams wouldn’t even acknowledge if there had been other searches of places associated with Biden. He just kept repeating the talking point, the White House has “cooperated.”

    They wouldn’t tell us if there had been any other searches, as they’ve shown.

    Even with the search at the Rehoboth Beach house on Wednesday, it turns out that they were caught on that one. It was “announced” after the media, which had cameras on the house, saw the FBI arriving.

    Transparency: if you catch it, we will admit it. Otherwise, good luck with that one.

    Sams wouldn’t say how long the Rehoboth Beach search had been planned or if anyone in the family had had access to any of the classified documents.

    But Joe Biden had the chance to go to Rehoboth 10 days ago and could have cleaned out any evidence if he wanted to. And Hunter Biden lived and worked in his father’s Wilmington home. Which of course begs the question: why has it taken so long to search the three properties, since the original finds of the classified documents? You had the Penn Biden Center searched in November, but they’ve known there were things elsewhere, like in Biden’s Wilmington home, since December. They should have told us and searched them back then. Biden could have destroyed evidence, and how would they know?

    It should be noted the FBI did seize some notes from the Rehoboth Beach home. As I previously said, these notes, if they reflect knowledge of the classified documents, could be used in any possible case against Biden.

    Neither Sams nor KJP would even respond to the basic question of how many classified documents in total have been found.

    “That’s a good question,” Sams declared. Yes, that’s why they asked it. Where’s your transparent answer? There was none; the reporters were whistling in the wind for that one.

    Sams also refused to say if there were any other classified documents still out there.

    So, don’t be surprised if more “finds” turn up.

    Finally, the reporters asked Jean-Pierre who ordered the National Archives not to publish press releases about the finding of the documents back in November, when they had them written and ready to go.

    KJP, of course, refused to answer. But that was a cover-up that kept the public in the dark about what was going on before the election. The NARA general counsel wouldn’t reveal who ordered NARA not to publish the releases, but Chair of the House Oversight Committee James Comer said there are only two places that could — the DOJ or the Biden White House. So, NARA needs to answer up, and maybe Congress needs to start subpoenaing people in the White House to find out these answers.

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