Three Reforms That Establishment Politicians are Going to Hate from Trump


    If you know anything about former President and now-2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump, it’s likely that he’s really good at making waves. Even before he entered the political arena, his carefree ways and not-so-eloquent speaking practices have made him a target for practically all who entrenched themselves in the establishment of America’s government.


    Well, of course, because he continually threatens their existence just by breathing. And his determination to act on those threats and see them through to the end only adds to that.

    And so, it should be no surprise to anyone that another presidential run by such a man would begin with promises tailor-made to draw the establishment’s ire. (Many would say that’s the whole point, even).

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    So what’s Trump calling for this time?

    To be sure, it’s nothing that we haven’t heard before. However, given that it’s Trump who’s saying them, it’s likely to hit home a bit more.

    First on the docket, according to Trump, is to establish term limits for Congressional members. As I said, it’s something that’s been brought up numerous times over the decades, and yet, each time, no real progress to achieve it is ever made.

    The reason for that is, well, to put it quite simply, those in power rarely ever want to lose it. And so, they’ll fight tooth and nail to keep whatever shred of power they can for as long as humanly possible.

    Take outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for instance. She has been a sitting member of Congress for decades now, beginning her career there in 1987. That means she is now in her 18th term and still going at the ripe old age of 82.

    Tell me, at her age, do you think you could coherently and assuredly do her job? I doubt it. Hell, I don’t even know many 82-year-olds, as far too many of our elders never even make it to that age. And if they do, they are just as Pelosi is, barely able to get much done on her own, whether that be driving across town, getting groceries, or sitting for hours on end in intense legislative deliberations.

    The second issue Trump has promised to deal with is campaign financing by taxpayers. The least talked about of the three points mentioned during his announcement speech in Florida, this one no doubt will cause much consternation among those entrenched in making money off of us poor taxpayers.

    Trump plans to put a permanent ban on taxpayers funding political campaigns.

    The third and last reform Trump calls for is a lifetime ban on congressional and Cabinet members from lobbying and stock trading with insider information.

    As he explained, there are untold millions of dollars being made each and every year by members of the government who, because of their positions of power, have key information on successful market trades or practices.

    Again, I’m going to point to Nancy Pelosi, as well as her husband, Paul. Over the course of the last few years, the couple has literally made millions off of trades Pelosi had inside information about, thanks to her role in our government. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left in the dark, so to speak, just guessing at what trades will do well in the coming months or not.

    As Trump and many others ascertain, it’s quite unfair.

    And so he wants to ban it.

    Now, to be clear, there are some stipulations and rules that members like Pelosi are supposed to adhere to while making such trades. First of all, they are to report all trades within 30-45 days from the transaction.

    However, as reports from earlier this year proved, not all members actually do this. In fact, 71 congressional members failed to report their trades either on time or at all as of August. Apparently, they don’t feel the need to follow the rules – perhaps because the consequences for not doing so are minimal – it hardly makes them bat an eye, let alone think twice about not doing it again.

    Trump plans to change that.

    Of course, it’s going to make more than a few in Washington more unhappy. But, as usual, the man isn’t a stranger to making enemies and taking them on. We’ll just have to see if he can make those promises stick.

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