These Canadians are Told “Nyet” by Putin


    There’s a growing list of Canadians that are not allowed to enter Russia. Actor Jim Carrey and author Margaret Atwood are among some of the top names. And it’s all because Putin is upset about the sanctions being placed on his country by Canada.

    The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has chosen to support Ukraine during the war between Russia and Ukraine. And this includes placing sanctions against Russia.

    These sanctions have affected more than Canadian-Russian relations. Hundreds of residents have also been affected.

    Jim Carrey, famous for such roles as Ace Ventura and The Grinch, will not be allowed to visit Russia. And neither can The Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood. There are about 100 more who cannot enter Russia, either.

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    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation posted the official list of names on the list with the announcement, in Russian, reading “In response to the ongoing practice of imposing sanctions…”

    Essentially, it means that these individuals have joined Justin Trudeau on the list of banned individuals.

    There are politicians, business representatives, journalists, and cultural figures who have found themselves on the list for doing nothing more than siding with Ukraine in one way or another.

    Considering that Russia crossed the line into Ukraine without being provoked, it’s hard to see how anyone would actually CHOOSE to support Russia. That would be like wanting to have a dictator run the entire globe. It just doesn’t make sense.

    The real question is why Putin feels the need to ban these celebrities from the country.

    And it’s not as though Canada is alone. There are over 900 Americans who are currently on a “permanently banned” list from Russia – and even AOC is on the list.
    Essentially, anyone “who incite Russophobia” is banned.

    Putin might as well come right out and say it: Talk $hit about me and find out what happens.

    They won’t be able to enter Russia.

    Oh, boo-hoo. It’s not as if Russia is this amazing place to visit. Most of the country is forest and brutal winters. And the rest of the country is experiencing bombings and such as a result of the war it started with war.

    So, what do the Canadians have to say about landing on this “do not enter” list from Putin?

    Atwood tweeted about the news by tagging Jim Carrey and said that they had “planned a little naughty weekend getaway in Moscow. Guess it will have to be Kyiv instead.”

    Carrey went along with the sarcasm with a reply that said, “I’m afraid the worst has happened. We’re banned from Russia.” He added a yawn emoji and followed it up with “But the problems of 100 Canadians don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world! We’ll always have Paris.”

    If Putin thought banning 100 Canadians from his barren wasteland of a country was going to get Trudeau to reverse his sanctions, he was sadly mistaken. This may be a sign that Putin is getting desperate and has no idea how to avoid the sanctions.

    He could just end the war, but it’s become clear that he has no such plans.

    Oh, well. There are always other places for celebrities to visit besides Moscow.

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