Arizona Now Giving Illegals In-State College Tuition


    The state of Arizona has given the illegal aliens who have invaded the border and decimated the resources of the state the gift of further education.

    These illegals who have done nothing to earn the right to a higher education or done what is right and tried to become American citizens are being rewarded for deceiving the American government and, in many cases, their own high schools.

    On election day for the 2022 midterms, Prop 308 was on the ballot for voters to make a careful decision about the way state-sponsored colleges would operate in The Grand Canyon State. Under the program, in-state tuition would be made open to all students who had resided in the state and gone to high school in the state for at least two years and successfully graduated.

    Programs like these do nothing but encourage further illegal immigration and the deceit of government officials. The people who benefit from getting their tuition reduced will see it go from just under $30,000 a year to $11,000.

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    This kind of decline is not something the people of Arizona should have given a flippant attitude towards, and the polls reflect the attention they paid to it.

    Passing by just 59,346 votes, or 2.4%, the prop was closer than nearly any other measure on the ballot. By giving them the cute leftist name of “dreamers”, they have made their crimes look insignificant to many in Arizona who may not be familiar with the crime, drugs, prostitution, and decline in life that often accompanies these illegals.

    John Graham is a longtime Arizona Republican fundraiser and CEO of Suntrust Holdings. He is one of the few Republicans who think this was a good idea. “Prop 308 will help fortify the state’s future economic growth by encouraging all our talented students to build their careers here.”

    While these illegals may benefit his workforce, they don’t benefit the people of Arizona. Proponents of this bill were led to believe that this is the state’s way of ensuring people aren’t paying for their parent’s decision and instead are being offered the best options in a situation they had no say about being involved in.

    It’s a great sob story to make people feel guilty for something they didn’t do.

    Unfortunately, this guilt is not well earned, nor is it right. These people committed a crime and should be suffering the consequences of their actions. By waiving their magic ballot and making it ok, they are greenlighting other crimes.

    It is well documented how both illegals and people of lesser moral fiber see interactions with the police or telling the truth.

    They lie to get out of situations, and many are more than willing to take revenge on someone else for being honest about what has happened. They play whatever version of the “poor me” card to get someone else to clean up their problems rather than take responsibility for their lot in life. This isn’t what America is about.

    Giving handouts and passing the buck onto hardworking taxpayers is everything the Democrats have advocated for since the dawn of the party. They believe people deserve to have life made easy and handed over like there wasn’t a problem at all for the hardworking citizens to just hand it over.

    Now, by giving this most recent handout to “dreamers,” they are giving them an incentive. An incentive to become a citizen and to vote Democrat. This prop wasn’t to benefit the people of Arizona.

    It wasn’t to “right a wrong”. It certainly wasn’t in the best interests of the taxpayer or the colleges. It was just a trap for the Democrats to buy votes down the line.

    It’s a shame to see good Republicans like John Graham not only drink the liberal Kool*Aide but eat the lemon bars too.

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