Protect Your Babies! Maryland is About to Highly Sexualize Toddlers


    Kids should get to be kids. They need to have time to run around, interact with others their age, and simply enjoy sensory play. Shoving agendas from either side at children is ridiculous – and yet it’s happening right now.

    The largest school district in Maryland has decided that it’s going to go all-in with the indoctrination of our children. A new book list has recently been unveiled, and it’s LOADED with LGBT-activist propaganda.

    If it were aimed at high schoolers, that would be one thing. After all, by that age, most kids can determine what is and isn’t relevant to them. However, most of the books on the list are aimed at elementary schools as well as children as young as four.

    The sexual content’s objective is to “reduce stigmatization and marginalization of transgender and nonconforming students.”

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    That’s a problem for literally any child who is growing up in a Christian household.

    At what point do the kids who can’t conform to one gender get mental health counseling? This is not normal behavior, nor should we be teaching kids that it is. Yet, the Democrats literally see nothing wrong with it.

    Fox News Digital reported about a PowerPoint presentation produced by the Montgomery County Public Schools that referenced activist books to be distributed to pre-K through fifth-grade classrooms. As reported by The Blaze, “The books seek to undermine the concept of a gender binary at an early age and immerse children in the vernacular of LGBT activists, teaching toddlers words like ‘drag queen’ and ‘intersex.’”

    Tell me…why does a toddler need to know the word “drag queen?” If they know about the word, it’s because they’re being told about them. And that means that they’re being exposed to the kind of entertainment that drag queens provide – men cross-dressing as women and gyrating and providing sexually explicit content.

    Every drag show out there is sexually charged and it’s not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. It’s the same reason why strip clubs are designed for those who are over 18. Unless that’s going to be changed by the Democrats soon, too.

    Kindergarteners may not learn about the alphabet and other key things. Instead, they’ll be reading “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding” where there is a gay marriage.
    And if you think that’s bad, some of the older kids will be reading “Born Ready: The True Story of a Boy Named Penelope.”

    It’s not that these books are being placed in the library so that kids can access them if they want to – they’re being placed into the curriculum so that they are shoved down every kid’s throat. And there’s nothing that parents can do about it.

    Remember, if you scream too loud about the indoctrination at a school board meeting, you could end up on an FBI watch list.

    The legislation that Ron DeSantis passed in Florida that has been commonly called “Don’t Say Gay” is making a lot of sense right now. He made it so that this trash can’t show up in the classrooms – at least until a child gets to fourth grade. It ensures that kids can be kids first.

    Now, the teachers in Maryland can even provide toddlers with “activist-approved” definitions for such words as “transgender,” “pansexual,” and “cisgender.”
    As reported by The Blaze, the resource guide for teachers explains that “pleasure should be the determining factor behind students’ choices pertaining to the clothes they wear, the books they like, and the play they engage in.”

    Hide your babies. It seems that there’s no place safe for them anymore.

    We must ask again: why is it so important to overly sexualize children at such a young age? Just wait. It will only be a matter of years before teen pregnancy rates skyrocket, and the Democrats will wonder why.

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