Meth is the Foundation of the Fentanyl Crisis and the Left Refuses To Take Responsibility for Encouraging It


    It’s been a long-known fact that the US has had a problem with drugs and the addiction that follows using them. As a nation, we have gone from a problem with cocaine and heroin in the 70s, to crack in the 80s. Then it was time to jump ship to opioid pills in the 90s, followed by meth in the mid-2000s, and now fentanyl is the latest crisis gripping drug-addicted Americans today.

    All these substances have one thing in common, and that’s how they impact the serotonin receptors in the brain. By allowing the user to feel those feelings of relaxation, happiness, and the “rush” that they all seek, the addiction to the feeling becomes too strong. Many of them have their accepted uses in medicine as a pain reliever, numbing agent, or to help someone sleep.

    Heroin, crack, and meth are the only exceptions to this rule. Heroin is a derivative of morphine, opioid pills, and the foundational basis for fentanyl and its addictive chemical properties. Crack is nothing more than concentrated and much more addictive cocaine. Meth, much like fentanyl, is nothing but a cocktail of chemicals that is incredibly volatile, where one small mistake in measurements or timing can result in a nasty and deadly explosion.

    Many long-time users of meth are lately finding themselves jumping on the fentanyl train. The speedy almost hypersonic rush of strong meth that is being smuggled in by the Mexican cartels needs something to help users down. This is where fentanyl comes in, and for many, it makes the introduction without them even knowing it’s there.

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    For many dealers, the allure of mixing the two is all too strong. By mixing them, the dealer provides a substance that encourages them to take more to get the high they desire. While it increases the likelihood of an overdose, it also means a more addictive roller-coaster-style high. Commonly known as “speedballing” this is the younger, stronger, and more intense cousin of the heroin-cocaine speedballs that bands like Poison, Motley Crue, and Cinderella loved during the glam metal 80s in Hollywood.

    Speed ballers love the rush the cocktail provides them, and for those who were lucky enough to survive those 80s speedballs, the new ones of today simply blow the old ones out of the water. This kind of strength simply pulls in those who fall into its trap and holds on until the user lets go. For many, they can let go here and there for a bit as they actively seek rehab and treatment.

    On a longer timeline, many of those who find success at rehab relapse at some point in time in the future. The perverse nature of these drugs alters the brain’s chemistry, and how the users respond to treatment, stress, and illness in the future. Many addicts also find themselves victims of other diseases like ADD/ADHD, manic depression, PTSD, and unresolved childhood trauma. By numbing those pains or “leveling out” for just a little bit, it makes sobriety intolerable, and they will sacrifice everything to get back to even-keeled. Even if only for a moment.

    These same people are the same ones who perpetually vote for the left. These users often lose everything they have. From money to family to their homes. The escape and the high are too strong and they cannot escape, so they need help to curb their addiction, or to keep them safe as they continue using.

    Enter the Democrats promising things like testing facilities, safe shoot-up zones, and government-funded programs to get them “healthy.” Never mind the fact that many of these users get “clean” for a month, then run into the same people they used to get high with and go right back to the gutter where they just were.

    Until the left acknowledges its role in this pandemic, drug use will continue to rain hell down on this great nation.

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