Trudeau is on a Drag Queen Show…Is Biden Next?


    More and more politicians are figuring out that they have to play to the far left in order to show that they are accepting of anyone and everyone. And often, simply saying that they are accepting of the LGBTQ+ community is not enough.

    Unfortunately, dignity is often left behind. Politicians are forgetting that there are some things that are not becoming of a leader – such as showing up on a drag queen show.

    Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has recently appeared on a drag queen show.

    As The Blaze announced, “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has beclowned himself and degraded the dignity of his high office by making an appearance on a show about drag queens.

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    Canada’s Drag Race, a show that allows men to compete as drag queens, tweeted its excitement to share that Trudeau is the first world leader to appear on any kind of drag race franchise.

    Is this the kind of history that he really wants to make?

    Every politician has to decide what kind of dignity they want to hold onto while also showing how tolerant they are. It can be a dangerous one, though. By going on a drag show, you essentially lose all standing that you had with conservatives who believe that drag shows are an abomination – especially when they are shown to kids.

    While Trudeau is the first world leader to make such an appearance, Nancy Pelosi has been on “Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars.”

    Pelosi’s episode, which aired earlier in the year, involved her providing quite the explanation about what America is all about.

    What is America all about, according to the Speaker of the House? “Your freedom of expression of yourselves in drag.”

    Are you confused? Yeah, you should be.

    AOC has been on the RuPaul Drag Race program as well, where she dishonored the pledge of allegiance to say, “I pledge allegiance to the drag.”

    According to the NY Representative, drag queens are “patriots.”

    Trudeau showing up on the drag show proves that he is a liberal. Obviously, he was elected from the Liberal Party – though this shows that he’s not a moderate.

    The people of Canada seem to love him – at least enough to keep electing him since 2015. That’s more than what we can say about many of our own leaders.

    But is showing up on a drag show and pledging allegiance to drag queens what will get more votes?

    While there seem to be more transgender individuals than ever before in the US and around the world, they are still a minority.

    The Williams Institute at UCLA has determined that approximately 0.6 percent of the US population categorize themselves as transgender.

    Meanwhile, 63 percent of the US population categorize themselves as Christian.

    If Trudeau is on, you know it’s only a matter of time before Biden is on. Even if he doesn’t want to, the liberals pulling his puppet strings will insist. And considering that he doesn’t want to disappoint the progressive agenda, he’ll go on.

    Biden’s been an embarrassment without going onto a drag show. At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising if he let them put him in full drag. He’ll do anything for a few votes, right?

    Dignity has officially left the building of liberal leaders.

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