Biden’s Latest Illegal Immigrants Get Five Star Resorts and Room Service on Your Dime


    President Biden has been wasting taxpayer money at every turn since he took office. As Vice President under Obama, he kept pushing to waste money on special interest groups and used his office to advocate for his son Hunter in other countries. Now, he’s taking his wasteful spending and aiming his attention at the border and illegal immigrants.

    Per Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contracting documents that found their way to the conservative group America First Legal, the Biden administration is now using taxpayer money to give these illegals a life of luxury as they await word on their fate. Obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the contracts stipulate that they must have comfortable accommodations with room service and childcare.

    More than that, the contracts stipulate a requirement for meat to be the cornerstone of every meal that is delivered to their rooms, round-the-clock access to food and drinks, TV in both Spanish and English, as well as ensuring that their mattresses are plush and thick. Should the illegal not like the 4” thick (minimum) mattress, those watching over them must provide two additional smaller mattresses. Along with childcare, they are also receiving laundry services.

    Accommodations like this would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day. A stay like this is a vacation that most Americans right now would love to be on. Rest and relaxation? Food delivered to your room that you choose off a menu? Unlimited drinks and snacks? Childcare and laundry services? This is more like an all-expenses resort than detention for illegal immigration.

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    In keeping with the resort vibes, the documents also stipulate that they may not be referred to as “prisoners, detainees, aliens, or inmates.” Never mind that those terms describe their status, position, or occupation clearly. They are also terms commonly used when someone has been detained, which they have been.

    With nearly 2.3 million illegals encountered by federal authorities during the fiscal year 2022, the surge of their invasion has been booming. The American economy cannot take this level of illegal immigration on top of the legal immigration the country already has. Given the location of these resorts per the documents, they were being held in Texas and Arizona, so likely right near where they were picked up.

    This means Biden refused to send them back immediately or keep them in real prisons for their crimes. Rather, he would like them to see the American dream they have been promised and dreamed of through horrible teledramas is not only real but that the government will provide it for them. All they need to do is get here. Giving them this kind of incentive is not only a crazy idea, but it’s also incredibly self-defeating in the quest to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

    Instead, it gives them extra reasons to come here and incentivizes the idea of dying in the desert trying to reach for the brass ring. This is not the message our country should be sending, and it points a stern finger toward the administration for their attempts to push this country towards not only open borders but socialism.

    While federal laws prevent illegals from voting in national elections, it says nothing about state and local elections. In states and districts across the country, illegals are allowed to vote. By allowing them in and providing such luxurious accommodations it would seem that Biden is setting the stage to change this law.

    Greasing them up for a 2024 re-election by providing this kind of life on our dime is not the American way. It leaves honest, true Americans out in the cold. Even if he fails, he still locks in thousands of votes for the left in state and local elections where permitted.

    As Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert tweeted on November 7th “In #BidensAmerica illegal immigrants get free room service while Americans can hardly afford their grocery bills.”

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