UN Demands Trillions from “Rich Countries” for Climate Reparations


    If there was any confusion left over whether the entire global warming hoopla was a massive scam all along, this story should clear it up. The United Nations has commissioned a new report that was put together by the UK and Egypt. The report concludes that the only way to fix global warming is going to be by enacting something called “climate justice” – a term that the report never actually defines. The only thing that is certain about “climate justice” and the way to fix it is that it’s going to require a lot more communism, and all of your money. The report demands that “rich countries” must pay $2.4 trillion and then give that money to poor countries with corrupt governments, and then trust that the corrupt poor countries will… fix the weather? It’s all so confusing.

    The UN-funded report states that unless rich countries pony up the cash for this Al Sharpton-style shakedown, global temperatures are going to increase by 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Wow! 35 degrees?! That’s a lot!

    Especially since the global warming cultists have been telling us since 1979 that it’s going to keep getting hotter and hotter all the time, but it never actually does. A 35-degree temperature increase sounds a bit over the top, honestly. Almost as if it’s some arbitrary number that somebody made up to scare people.

    Anyway, one of the supposed “rich countries” in the world who was excluded from this UN climate shakedown was… any guesses? We’ll give you a hint: It’s the same country that the UN always excludes from its demands for cash from rich countries. Yep. China is exempt from this demand.

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    Part of the reason for this, obviously, is that the Chinese simply won’t put up with it. We have terrible and ineffectual leaders in charge of America at the moment (until 2024). The UN knows that our Democrat leaders are fully on board with this nonsense, so they come running to us with their hand out. China, which is the worst “greenhouse gas polluter” on the planet, will flat-out refuse to play along – because their leaders know it’s all a scam.

    If you need further proof that leaders in the Western world are a bunch of idiots and frauds, try to figure out the logic of this “climate justice” BS. Even if Joe Biden plays along and gives them the $2.4 trillion they’re asking for, what’s the first thing those corrupt and poor countries are going to do with the cash? All the money is going to disappear, just like the $1.1 billion that Biden just sent to the Taliban.

    Let’s assume a different scenario. What if a poor country actually had altruistic leaders who want to help their people? Liberia, for example. Liberia’s infrastructure was completely wrecked by a civil war in the early 2000s. They’re having an awful time rebuilding it. All of the people with the skills to run an electrical grid either fled or got killed in the war. Only 11% of people in Liberia have access to electricity today.

    What’s the first thing Liberia’s leaders would do if they were altruistic, and the UN hands them a big bag of your cash? Probably slap up a big coal plant and start pumping black smoke into the air, so that their people could have access to sweet, sweet electricity. So, the whole climate reparations plan backfires right out of the gate, on every level. None of this wealth transfer is going to actually fix the weather if it happens. Which tells you everything. It’s just another cash grab, and the UN is hoping that guilty white liberals of the Western world will fall for it.

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