Feeling Anxious? Here’s What’s Happening with Arizona’s Election Results


    The statewide races in Arizona are tight right now, and it’s too early to make any projections.

    Republicans were feeling discouraged last night as Democrats led in statewide races, and they still continue to lead. However, the lead for some candidates has shrunk drastically, particularly in the governor’s race.

    As of Wednesday afternoon, Hobbs is leading with 50.3 percent, whereas Lake is at 49.6 percent, which is roughly 12,000 ballots. In the Senate race, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly is at 51.4 percent, and Masters is at 46.4 percent, which is a difference of around 90,000 votes. While I’m explaining the technical side of this, RedState reported earlier this afternoon on what these numbers mean for Republicans.

    The next major race update will come in around 9 p.m. Eastern Time, or 7 p.m. Arizona time. This is because Maricopa County will be doing its next results posting at this time, and as the largest county, they will likely determine the outcome of these races.

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    As ABC15 Arizona’s Garrett Archer reported, there are an estimated 465,505 non-provisional ballots left to be counted. About 428,000 of those ballots are from Maricopa County.

    In terms of in-person Election Day ballots cast, these are expected to break toward Republicans, it’s just a matter of how heavily.

    In addition, about 17,000 ballots were placed in “Box 3,” which is what was used at the vote centers when they ran into technical issues on Tuesday, as RedState reported.

    In other words: Be patient. This race will likely continue to get tighter, and we may not have a projection until Thursday or Friday night.

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