Even Bill Maher is Tired of Leftists Crying About Halloween Costumes


    Halloween, it’s a fantastical holiday. I mean, what other day allows you to dress up like whatever you want, eat pounds of candy, and take on your more morbid side?

    And yet, year after year, there are those who would like to rain on your parade. No, I’m not talking about those who are wholly against the “Day of the Dead” or “All Hallow’s Eve” as a part of their religion.

    Instead, I’m talking about those who would suggest that you can’t dress up like whatever you want because, heaven forbid, someone might be offended or find your image inappropriate.

    As usual, a list of “do nots” was put out days ahead of the holiday, admonishing you for even thinking about wearing certain costumes or images. And I’m not the only one who noticed just how ridiculous the list was, as well as the reasoning behind it all.

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    Enter Democratic political commentator Bill Maher, known best for his talk show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher.’

    Now, as I just mentioned, and you likely know, Maher is no right-winger. In fact, he has described himself over the years as a “progressive” and a “liberal.”
    However, even he can see the problem with making Halloween into some political correctness stage on which we should all be judged. In fact, according to a nine-minute rant on his Friday show, those who can’t not complain about other people’s costumes should “stay the f*** home.”

    For him, he’s tired of “emotional hemophiliacs on social media telling us what we can’t do on Halloween.” Specifically, he referenced a recent BuzzFeed article in which writer Hannah Marder wrote about which costumes shouldn’t be worn this year.

    The piece was titled “Please, I Am Literally On My Knees Begging You – Do Not Wear Any Of These Halloween Costumes This Year.”

    As Marder says, Halloween is meant to be a fun time to dress up like whatever you want, “within reason, that is.”

    Included in her list of 20 some odd don’t do costumes were “anything related to monkeypox,” “Putin,” and “the dead Queen of England.”

    Come on… I know I’m not the only one rolling my eyes here.

    I’m not exactly sure why anyone would want to dress up as a monkeypox victim, but as Maher says, and I agree, that’s their prerogative. Therefore, the next day, November 1, should not become what he calls “All Scolds Day,” where those with clearly fragile sensibilities commence bashing supposedly bad people who dressed up as something on someone’s forbidden costume list.

    Instead, those people should just stay home. It’s kind of like the old saying made popular by the child movie ‘Bambi,’ “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’

    I mean, there is just no sense in ruining someone’s good time just because you can’t handle your emotions or thoughts.
    Maher noted a few of the most ridiculous “don’t do” costumes.

    First is the Jeffrey Dahmer costume, recently made popular by a series of shows and movies put out about the disturbed serial killer. While the outfit didn’t make BuzzFeed’s, or as Maher calls it, “BuzzKill’s” list, Maher did point out that eBay had banned the selling of it, although it’s not like consumers could find a blond wig and aviator glasses elsewhere.

    Next was dressing as the late Queen of England. Apparently, the uber-woke find this costume “too soon.” Tell me, what’s so wrong as dressing up as such an inspiring woman as Queen Elizabeth? I mean, how many kids dress as their heroes for Halloween? Shouldn’t Elizabeth be allowed to be included as one?
    Maher noted that apparently, the woke don’t like seeing “zombie versions of deceased celebrities” either.

    There is also, “No one with an eating disorder, so goodbye skeletons, and no transphobic costumes. Because if kids want to see drag queens, they can go to story hour.”

    Remember, Maher is a liberal. And even he has a problem with the cancelation of these Halloween costumes. And if he can’t stand “All Scolds Day,” you know things have gone too far.

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