Reminder: Team Biden Is So Incompetent That There’s Still a Baby Formula Shortage


    If you want to maintain your status as a First World country, one of the things you ought to be able to do – and this used to be barely worth mentioning – is feed your babies. But that’s something that America is still unable to do with Joe Biden in office. A lot of moms can obviously still breastfeed, but many can’t, for various reasons. Some need baby formula. And that’s something that Biden just can’t seem to get sorted out. The baby formula crisis that Joe Biden started is still going on, and there’s no end in sight. We thought that was worth mentioning since voters will get a chance to send the Biden regime a message at the ballot box in a couple of weeks.

    The formula shortage actually started back in March, when Team Failure shut down the main baby formula plant for the federal WIC formula program. Some babies had gotten sick, so they shut the plant down to check for contamination. After a three-day investigation failed to turn up any contaminants, the Biden regime just sat there for several months. They didn’t reopen the plant!

    Meanwhile, store shelves across the country started to go bare. Parents and relatives who had newborns started panic buying what little formula was left on shelves. When the press started noticing that there was a full-blown crisis for 6 million families going on, they finally reported on the shortages. Biden’s press secretary immediately blamed mothers with babies for the shortage. They were “hoarding formula!” Except…moms with newborns were not the idiots who shut down the main baby formula plant in the entire country and then failed to allow the plant to reopen.

    After several days of getting hammered by the press for their incompetence, the Biden regime finally remembered to tell the Michigan baby formula plant that it could reopen. That, of course, takes weeks, since the employees had been laid off and everything in the plant needs to be scrubbed and sanitized. You can’t simply switch a baby formula plant on and off like a Netflix account.

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    The plant finally reopened in June… only to be shut down again when torrential rains flooded the facility. That took several more weeks of cleanup time before the plant was operational again in August.

    Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s big idea was to do one of the most humiliating things that most Americans have seen a leader do in their lifetimes. He begged Mexico and countries in Europe to send us baby formula. The media happily trumpeted the administration’s talking points on how great Operation Fly Formula was going to be. Good job, Joe Biden! The breadbasket of the world now has to beg foreign countries for food because you’re incompetent!

    Despite a handful of embarrassing flights from Germany, England, and Mexico, it’s failed to make a dent in the baby formula shortage that Joe Biden caused through incompetence. Store shelves are still bare in many states, and it’s unclear when or if the supply of baby formula will get back to normal. The administration says hopefully sometime in 2023, but they’ve been wrong every step of the way since mothers had to start rushing their babies to the emergency room for malnourishment.
    And here’s the thing about baby formula: Americans have a steady supply of babies, so there’s always a need for formula. What were the idiots on Team Biden thinking? That they could just leave the country’s main plant shut down for a few months and it wouldn’t cause any problems?

    When you head to the ballot box for the November midterms, don’t forget just how far America has sunk in such a short period of time. And vote against the Democratic Party as lives depend on it – because they do!

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