Sodom and Gomorrah Are Trending on Twitter, and It’s All Biden’s Fault


    If you’re familiar with the bible at all, you know that Sodom and Gomorrah were two cities that were annihilated by God because of their sinful ways. The cities were destroyed by “sulfur and fire” because of the wicked actions taking place within the city.

    And as if we haven’t seen other signs of the second coming, #SodomandGomorrah is now a trending hashtag on Twitter.
    It seems odd, don’t you think? Why would two biblical cities be trending on social media?

    Well, it started with President Biden visiting California this past Friday. In typical form, he couldn’t keep his hands off of a teenage girl. He was there to campaign for some Democrats and also discuss such topics as inflation and high drug prices.

    During one of the photo ops, a teenage girl was standing in front of him. After the photo, Biden did something that was totally inappropriate – and more than a little creepy. He placed his hands on her shoulders and whispered in close, “No serious guys till you’re 30.”

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    There are enough videos out there to show the exact exchange. You can tell that the girl looks as though she’s about to crawl out of her skin.

    One, that’s not the kind of advice that the President should be giving ANYONE unless it’s his own grandchildren. Two, you don’t touch a girl that you don’t know, especially in such an uninvited way. He did it from behind, too, so she didn’t even see it coming. Otherwise, she most certainly would have dodged the president and his creepy old man advances.

    We have a president who is completely unaware that he shouldn’t be touching young females and offering dating advice to them – and that’s what starts some of the wicked ways.

    Now, we have told him that such things are not okay. Just as we have done with what most of the Democrats are doing with their transgender agendas.
    There’s a bible verse that seems very appropriate right now. In Proverbs 1:7, it says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

    That sounds pretty spot on right now, doesn’t it?

    Democrats despise wisdom and instruction. It’s why #Sodomand Gomorrah has been trending for days since Biden’s event on Friday. More Christians are sharing the hashtag with other events that show that there aren’t enough people who fear God in today’s world.

    As more and more of society has been shunning the church and eliminating religion, we’re seeing more fools – and more wickedness.

    The hashtag shows off some of the wickedness – such as men wearing fake nipples so that they can be nursing mothers. It shows how there are “family-friendly” drag shows becoming available to elementary audiences. And it even provides startling statistics like how Maryland has an ever-increasing number of non-binary students across its districts.

    Isn’t it time that we bring religion back into the world? Perhaps if more people feared God, we wouldn’t see such utter chaos and wickedness at every turn.
    But, then again, why do we expect the country to fear God when we have a supposed catholic president in the White House who is literally allowing the murdering of innocent babies with his pro-abortion agenda?

    It’s no wonder why #SodomandGomorrah is trending, even as many on Twitter hope that some of the liberal cities fall to the same fate as these biblical cities.

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