Biden Flirts With World War III and How It Would Solve His Problems


    President Joe Biden is starting to sound more like Russian President Vladimir Putin, the same man who has threatened nuclear attacks on nations that would dare interfere in the war. Biden has treated the threats from the east carelessly and without taking them seriously. The president’s carelessness has gotten the attention of former president Donald Trump, and he had a lot to reveal about the issue.

    Trump did not take too much time to speak out against how Biden is handling Russia’s nuclear threats. His big mouth just told Putin that his threat of nuclear attack is affecting America. The president mentioned that the nuclear threat had not been this serious since the 1962 missile crisis.

    Putin wants people to fear his arsenal. He needs them to stay out of his war for him to win.

    Biden’s silent message of fear is precisely what Putin needed to hear to gain the confidence needed to move forward.

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    The Washington Examiner reported that Donald Trump said, “We have to be very smart and nimble. We have to know what to say, what to do. And we are saying exactly the wrong thing. We’ll end up in a World War III. We must demand immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war in Ukraine, or we will end up in World War III, and there will never be a war like this. We will never have had a war like this, and that’s all because of stupid people that don’t have a clue. And it’s also because of the kind of weaponry available today.”

    Biden has a mental illness that prevents him from being able to engage on a mental level to deal with the Russian president. And the fact that he is treating the threat of nuclear war as a joke highly concerns everyone. The stupid people he was referring to are sitting in the White House.

    Sleepy Joe Biden is told to say that he is taking the threat from Putin seriously by his speech writer. But his actions tell a different story.

    The lazy president is more concerned about his image than the people that he is supposed to be serving as the president. He wants to appear strong against Biden, but that is already too late. Putin knows that Biden is weak and is not going to interfere. And that is why he waited until after the 2020 election to invade Ukraine.

    The Washington Examiner also reported that Donald Trump stated, “The first step to restoring public safety is defeating the radical Democrats in November, and that starts with throwing out your extreme senator, a weak man, Mark Kelly. He’s tried his best to secure the border, but, for the past two years, Mark Kelly has been deciding, and he’s been that deciding 50th vote to rubber-stamp every Biden-Pelosi-Schumer bill.”

    The former president is committed to helping secure the country. He knows it will not happen with the current liberals sitting in their power seats.

    The trouble America faces today is not from Russia. The real threat is coming from within the Democratic Party. Biden and his party are systematically opening America up to threats from outside forces.

    He refuses to secure the southern border and constantly sends the message that he will not drag America into any external affairs. His view on involvement in external affairs tells people like Putin that they can do whatever they want, and America will not get involved.

    CNN also reported that Donald Trump mentioned that had he still been the president, Vladimir Putin would not have moved forward with his war. Trump would have kept Putin out of Ukraine because he is a man of action and is not afraid to take action against evil dictators.

    Putin will not stop killing people until action is taken against him. Joe Biden does not have what it takes to stand up to a man of Putin’s caliber. Only a strong Republican president can stop the attacks being lobbied against America.

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