Thousands of Prisoners Are Now Dead Because of the DOJ


    President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice continues to fail at doing its job. They are so focused on convicting innocent people of fake crimes that they have neglected everything else. A report picked up and reported on by Politico shows that in 2021 alone, there were over 1,000 deaths of inmates in prisons that the DOJ cannot account for.

    The committee that keeps an eye on the Department of Justice discovered that the agency did not report any deaths. And any of the data reported was spotty at best. The agency failed to fill out the paperwork correctly. They did not follow the law under the Death in Custody Reporting Act.

    Politico reported that during “a 10-month investigation, the subcommittee found that the DOJ failed to report any death-in-custody data since 2019, required by the Death in Custody Reporting Act. And the data that has been collected is incomplete — with 70 percent of recorded deaths-in-custody missing at least one required data field and more than 30 percent of the records missing multiple pieces of information. Approximately 40 percent did not include a description of the circumstances surrounding the death.”

    The information provided could not be used to determine the causes of death or the circumstances that led up to each death. And what is extremely strange is that many of the deaths were found to have been reported by third-party databases that civil rights groups run. The information is available, but the DOJ figures it does not have to obey the law under a liberal president.

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    Politico reported that the report on the DOJ mentioned that the “DOJ has failed to effectively implement DCRA 2013, undermining the effective, comprehensive, and accurate collection of custodial death data. These failures were preventable. … DOJ must act quickly to remedy the outstanding implementation failures, and Congress should continue to monitor DOJ’s implementation efforts.”

    The problem with the monitoring aspect is that the Democrats hate any form of oversight. President Biden will not welcome any agency sticking its nose into his socialist business.

    The DOJ has also reported that they have no intention of fixing its errors before 2024. Any plan to solve the reporting problem will have to wait years before being addressed. There is no sense of urgency within the department to follow the law.

    The Department of Justice should be the first entity in government to follow the law. But under Joe Biden, the upper officials believed they could operate above the law and hide their incompetence.

    Data collected since 2000 shows that when the liberals took control of the department reporting the facts tank. From 2000 to 2019, the data collected was nearly 100 percent accurate, and the forms were complete. But along comes 2019 and liberal influence, and the department begins providing shotty and inaccurate facts.

    The president even tried to use his executive authority to force the DOJ to start reporting better data. However, that failed because Biden is spineless and will not enforce his orders. The DOJ knows that Biden will not come after them because the last thing he wants to do is stir up trouble for himself.

    The only people suffering from the inadequate operation of the Department of Justice are those who have lost a loved one to death while that person was in prison or jail. Democrats do not care about anything unless it hits them personally.

    The people who have lost loved ones are demanding answers as to why the person died in custody and what will be done to prevent it from happening to someone else.

    It stands now that an investigation will take place, and there will be a lot of discussion about the problem. The family will be asked to come and testify about how the DOJ’s incompetence has affected them. But in the end, it will come down to liberals neglecting to do their assigned job.

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