Trial Begins for Man Accused of Killing 22 Elderly People


    A man accused of murdering twenty-two women from the Dallas region is expected to stand trial for the murder of one after being found guilty by a capital jury in the murder of a second earlier in the year.

    The trial for capital murder in the case of Billy Chemirmir, 49, in the death of 87-year-old Mary Brooks is scheduled to start next Monday in Dallas. Chemirmirmir was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole following his conviction in April over the death of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris. If convicted of Brook’s death, he’ll get another sentence of life imprisonment without parole. He is adamant about his innocence.

    His trial for the first time following Harris’s death ended with an ineffective trial last November when the jury was in a deadlock.

    Following his arrest, in the year 2018 Police across the Dallas region reexamined the death of others who were deemed to be natural and despite families ringing alarms over missing jewelry. Four indictments were filed this summer.

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    In an interview on video with the police, Chemirmir admitted to a detective he earned money by through selling and buying jewelry. He was also a caregiver and security guard.

    The majority of people Chemirmir has been accused of murdering were in independent living facilities for elderly people, in which Chemirmir is believed to have forced his way into the apartments or disguised himself as a handyman. Chemirmirmir is also accused of killing women living in private homes, such as women who were widowed or men who he took care of in his role as a caregiver at home.

    Dallas County prosecutors decided to test Chemirmir in two of the capital murder cases he faces in the county. They also prefer life sentences over capital punishment. Prosecutors from nearby Collin County haven’t said if they’ll decide to try any of their crimes of capital execution against Chemirmir.

    The arrest of Chemirmirmir was put in motion in the month of March after a woman who had reached 91 of her arrest told police that a man entered her home at an independent living facility for older adults, and tried to beat her up with a pillow and stole her jewelry.

    Police reported that when they discovered Chemirmir on the following day in the parking lot of his apartment complex Chemirmirmir was holding jewelry as well as cash. He had also put away a huge jewelry box that was red. The box contained documents that led them to the house of Harris who was found deceased in the bedroom of her mother with lipstick on her bed.

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