Even CNN Is Throwing the Dems Under the Bus When It Comes to Who Voters Prefer


    CNN’s Harry Enten is not shy about dropping some bad news on Democrats, as we’ve said in the past. As we reported on Monday, Enten explained that while black voters were still mostly voting for Democrats, there had been a huge 10-point drop in black voter support for the Democrats. In an election where the races could be very tight in some places such as Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, Enten noted that this could make the difference. It’s because black voters see Democrats not caring about the things that they care about anymore. Some of those folks are defecting to Republicans, seeing that they are more in line with their views and care more about things like the economy and crime.

    But it gets much worse for Democrats with another electrifying number when it comes to voter preferences. “Who can best handle the issue you think is the nation’s most important,” voters were asked. Enten said that voters trust Republicans to best handle whatever that issue is “by a 48 percent to 37 percent margin.”

    “This is a huge gap,” Enten exclaimed. You can say that again. That means that, in general, voters are trusting the Republicans far more on most important issues. That’s a big sign the Democrats are in big trouble and adds further support to the red wave coming.

    Enten laid out how the voters preferred the Republicans on one of the most important issues in this election — crime. Enten said it was the second most important issue, right behind inflation, with 72 percent of the voters, in terms of things they wanted the federal government to address.

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    It’s not surprising who they prefer when it comes to crime — Republicans — at 23 percent more.

    Voters also prefer Republicans on the economy (by 19 points) and immigration (by 17 points). “The more that voters care about crime, the worse it is for Democrats,” Enten declared. It’s not hard to understand, given how the Democrats have been on the side of the “defund the police movement.”

    Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) tried to deflect when she was asked about if it was going to hurt the Democrats, but the bottom line is the polls are showing it’s an issue that’s killing them and rightly so. Democrats are trying to run away from their former positions, including attacking the police as evil and racist.

    But, that isn’t going to save them when it comes to this election.

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