Whoopi Goldberg Finally Facing the Music Over Attacking Sen. Lindsey Graham


    For years now, Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the crew on “The View” have been running off at the mouth and shoving their leftist ideals down the throats of people across the globe. No longer just featured to house moms on cable tv, these ladies have developed a solid platform that could be used to inflect some real change. Instead, they use it to poison the minds of people everywhere.

    Since becoming so globally known, they have also used their prior jobs and current position to make off-handed, disturbing remarks about people who disagree with them, especially the right. When called out on it, they have always hidden behind the “it’s a joke, relax” mindset. Well thanks to their own movements where nothing can be funny, they are now taking the brunt for what they say.

    First up to take their lumps was Whoopi Goldberg.

    White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre discussed the views of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) concerning the overturning of Roe v. Wade. She wanted to discuss how he had a change of heart about the issue by introducing the idea of a federal ban, after weeks before discussing it being a state rights issue. Never mind the fact that it is well within his purview to discuss such ideas, and it’s not up to her to decide why he should or should not do such things.

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    Goldberg played the clip for her other hosts and the audience, with Jean-Pierre then discussing how she believes they will target same-sex marriage next. This led to Goldberg asking “Well, maybe he’s getting married?” as the audience was rambling away about the clip. People began to fuss about her thinly veiled sexuality dig at Graham, and she tried cutting the tension with another poor joke that just fell flat.

    Following a commercial break, Goldberg addressed the topic after seeing a tweet that claimed Goldberg was telling the world that Graham is a closeted gay man. She then went on a rant about how it was a joke and the fact that she just had to have a whole conversation off camera about what she was doing and what she had said. Then she discussed how she should leave the show if this is what things have come to.

    There are two surprising takeaways from this. One, who knew that hot garbage was live? Given how horrible the dialog and segments are, it just seemed like taped trash designed to pull more people into the left’s game plan just because the person watching cannot change the channel. Two, how does it feel, Whoopi? You and the rest of your crew at The View have been trying to cancel people for what they say for ages. It’s not like they’ve been going after Harvey Weinstein either. Now she finally got a taste of her own censorship medicine.

    Doesn’t taste very good, does it?

    The response following the show was a mixed bag of reactions. Some people called for Whoopi’s head on a stick following that kind of horrific joke, while others think that people at “The View” may have taken their reaction too far because it was just a basic throwaway joke. Had Whoopi been a conservative, straight, white man, there would have been no question about her being canceled.

    Make no mistake, her being a leftist and a black woman is what saved her from feeling the full brunt of the same group of soft-skinned people that she helped create. They are starting to turn on her and on the show for attacking another minority, and it’s been a long time coming. Perhaps it’s time she and the rest of liberal America take a step back and realize that jokes are just jokes, and are not being done to disparage anyone. Sadly though, we aren’t ready for that conversation yet.

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